History seminars at the IHR

Comparative Histories of Asia

Convenors: Professor Naoko Shimazu (Birkbeck), Dr Sunil Amrith (Birkbeck), Dr Taylor Sherman (LSE), Dr Andrea Janku (SOAS), Dr Owen Miller (SOAS), Dr Matthew Phillips (Aberystwyth), Dr Taylor Sherman (LSE), Dr Lily Chang (UCL)

Venues:  As announced in the programme, below

Time: Thursdays, 5.30pm

Please note Please check each week for the room allocation.  We strongly recommend that you check the IHR website for updates. 

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Spring Term 2015
DateSeminar details
22 January Doctoral Competition

Balance of Favour: Multilateral diplomacy over state boundaries around Japan, 1861-75

Mr Takahiro Yamamoto (LSE)

The Continental Shelf Dispute between Korea and Japan, 1969 – 1978
Mr Wonwoong Jeong (SOAS)

Risen From Chaos: What Drove the Spread of Modern Primary School Education in China in the Early 20th Century?
Miss Pei Gao (LSE)

Venue:  SAS room 243, South Block, second floor

5 February Rashid al-Din, Bolad Chengxiang, and Cultural Administration in the Mongol Empire: Imperial Ambitions and Local Identities in the Production of Art, History, and Science

Dr Vivienne Lo (UCL) with Wang Yidan (Peking University) and Persis Berlekamp (University of Chicago)

Venue:  SAS room 243, South Block, second floor

19 February Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience: Britain and India in the Twentieth Century

Dr Chandrika Kaul (St Andrews University)

Jointly sponsored by the Centre for Media History, University of Aberystwyth

(A drinks reception will follow the seminar)

*Please note that the annual doctoral prize will also be awarded during this session.

Venue:  SAS room 246, South Block, second floor

5 March The Ecology of War in China: Henan Province, the Yellow River, and Beyond

Dr Micah Muscolino (University of Oxford)

Venue:  SAS room 246, South Block, second floor