History seminars at the IHR


This thematic seminar series addresses issues relating to the life-cycle including age and ageing, intergenerational relationships, parenthood, rites of passage, childhood and youth. We are captive neither to chronology nor particular country, welcoming instead topics pertaining to any historical era or setting, and interdisciplinary perspectives.  Our seminars offer a friendly and welcoming space for discussion for all, including postgraduates and early career scholars.

Convenors: Dr Mary Clare Martin (University of Greenwich); m.c.h.martin@greenwich.ac.uk,  Dr Tim Reinke-Williams (Northampton), Dr Simon Sleight (King’s College, London), Catherine Rose (Queen Mary, University of London)

Venue:  Peter Marshall Room N204, 2nd floor, IHR, Senate House

Time: Tuesdays, 17.15

We usually go for a drink and a meal afterwards.  ALL WELCOME.

Spring Term 2016
DateSeminar details
19 January I wanted to give a cultural face to older women: Jane Fonda and her project of ageing from the late 1970s

Rachel Ritchie (Brunel)

Chair: Tim Reinke-Williams

Co-hosted with the Women’s History Seminar

2 February Who was then the "second patriarch"? Gendering the eldest brother in Georgian England

Tul Israngura (Chulalongkorn)

Chair: Tim Reinke-Williams

16 February Title TBC

Chris Millard

Chair: TBC

1 March The archaeology of old age: past and present perspectives

Catriona McKenzie (Exeter)

Chair: Tim Reinke-Williams

15 March Title TBC

Rhian Keyse (Exeter)

Chair: Simon Sleight

Summer Term 2016
DateSeminar details
19 April Love and fratricide: siblings, half-siblings and family dynamics in early modern England

Bernard Capp (Warwick)

Chair: Tim Reinke-Williams

3 May Title TBC

Rebecca Fleming

Chair: Catherine Rose

17 May Grandma always clears up after us: the family experiences of better-off children in post-1870 Britain

Mary Guyatt (QMUL)

Chair: Simon Sleight

31 May Penning their personal narratives: the letters, diaries, logbooks and memoirs of British prisoners of war held in Europe in the Second World War

Clare Makepeace (UCL)

Chair: Mary Clare Martin

14 June Imagining the Uprooted Child: Pain, Evacuation and the Second World War

Leticia Fontecha (Greenwich)

Chair: Mary Clare Martin