History seminars at the IHR

Jewish History

Sponsored in memory of Deana and Jack Eisenberg

Convenors: Professor Michael Berkowitz (UCL), Dr Francois Guesnet (UCL), Professor Ada Rapoport-Albert (UCL), Professor David Cesarani (Royal Holloway), Professor David Feldman (Birkbeck), Dr Shirli Gilbert (Southampton), Dr Andrea Schatz (KCL).

Please note that this is not a 'lecture' format.  Papers will be distributed in advance, via e-mail, in order to be discussed.  If you plan to attend and have not yet received a paper, please contact Professor M Berkowitz (m.berkowitz@ucl.ac.uk).

Venue: Peter Marshall Room 204, 2nd floor, IHR, North block, Senate House

Time: Tuesday, 5.15pm

Spring Term 2015
DateSeminar details
6 January Reconsidering Jewish Art History

Marc Epstein (Vassar College)

20 January Jewish hair?

Francois Guesnet, (UCL)

3 February Vollrath von Maltzan: A German Diplomat and 'Mischlinge' in Weimar, the Third Reich, and the Federal Republic, 1899-1967

Jean-Marc Dreyfus, (University of Manchester)

17 February Jewish Chaplaincy and the British Armed Forces 1892-1919

Jonathan Lewis, (UCL)

3 March The Kibbutz's Passage into the State of Israel: A Socio-Political Crisis or a Cultural-Epistemological Rift?

Lior Libman (UCL/Hebrew University)

17 March The Jews, the Left, and the Idea of Revolutionary Violence in the 1960s and 70s

Julia David, (Paris)

Please note: this session has been postponed until the next academic year

Summer Term 2015
DateSeminar details
5 May The Significance of the 1989 Revolutions for the Revival of Jewish Life in Europe

Antony Lerman, (London)

19 May The Jew in Dutch Cinema

Eyal Boers (Tel Aviv University)

16 June Title TBA

Naomi Tadmor (Lancaster University) and Mike Beckerman (New York University)