History seminars at the IHR

War, Society and Culture

Convenors: Professor Mark Connelly (Kent), Professor Stephen Conway (UCL), Professor Richard Grayson (Goldsmiths), Dr Timothy Bowman (Kent), Dr Stefan Goebel (Kent), Dr Heather Jones (LSE), Dr Dan Todman (Queen Mary), Dr Erica Wald (Goldsmiths).

For enquiries relating to this seminar please contact Mark Connelly: M.L.Connelly@kent.ac.uk

Venue: IHR, 1st floor, Olga Crisp Room 102

Time: Wednesday, 5.15pm

Autumn Term 2014
DateSeminar details
1 October A Photographic Memorial: Canadians, Cameras and the First World War

Dr Philip Hatfield (Curator Canadian and Caribbean Studies, British Library)

Please note: this session has been cancelled

15 October "A nation is built upon pride of race": Dominion war exhibitions during the First World War

Dr Jennifer Wellington (University College, Dublin)

29 October Theatre in the Great War

Dr Helen Brooks (Kent)

12 November Imperial Apocalypse: The Great War and the Destruction of the Russian Empire

Professor Joshua Sanborn (Lafayette College, PA)

26 November The Impact of Warfare on British Society: Liverpool & the War of American Independence, 1775-1783

Simon Hill (PhD student, Liverpool John Moores)

10 December Contested Ideologies of Care: Surgery during the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Sebastian Browne (PhD student, Kent)

Spring Term 2015
DateSeminar details
7 January Idealists dream or sectarian nightmare? The formation of the Ulster Defence Regiment

Dr Will Butler (Kent)

20 January Falsehood in Wartime: Propaganda, Patriotism and Poppycock

Aoifee O’Gorman (DPhil student, Oxford),

4 February Belgian army officer corps c. 1830-1918

Mario Draper (PhD student, Kent)

18 February Goats mingling with sheep? The British army's use of civilian experts during the First World War

Aimee Fox (PhD student, Birmingham)

4 March All Ex-Servicemen under one Umbrella? Military Associations in Scotland, 1919-1939

Ellie O'Keefe (PhD student, QMUL)

18 March Bow Bell Canto: Vera Lynn, Music and The People's War

Kate Guthrie (PhD student, KCL)