History seminars at the IHR

History of Sexuality Seminar

Convenors: Anna Schaffner (University of Kent), Chiara Beccalossi (Oxford Brookes), Alison Oram (Leeds Metropolitan University), Craig Griffiths (Queen Mary), Christopher M. Waters (Williams University), Heike Bauer (Birkbeck), Jana Funke (University of Exeter), Julia Laite (Birkbeck), Jane Mackelworth (Queen Mary), Justin Bengry (Birkbeck/McGill), Claire Hayward (Kingston University), Matt Cook (Birkbeck), Sean Brady (Birkbeck), Sarah Toulalan (University of Exeter)

Venue: From Autumn 2014, Holden Room, 103, first floor of Senate House

Time: Tuesdays 18:00

The seminar series is convened by the Raphael Samuel History Centre. All seminars are open to all and there is no need to register in advance. If you have any questions about the seminar please contact Craig Griffiths at: c.griffiths@qmul.ac.uk

Some podcasts from this seminar are available online

Summer Term 2014
DateSeminar details
6 May The History of Sex in Twentieth-Century South Africa

Dr Catherine Burns (WiSER, University of the Witwatersrand)

Facts about Ourselves: Teaching Sex Education to South African Children, 1919-1939
Dr Sarah Duff (WiSER, University of the Witwatersrand)

(Chair: Dr Chiara Beccalossi)

27 May The woman with two sets of genitals: Hermaphrodites, Sexuality and Attitudes to Deviancy in Eighteenth-Century Russia

Professor Marianna Muravyeva (Oxford Brookes University)

(Chair: Dr Jana Funke)

Please note:  this session takes place in the Torrington Room, 104.

17 June The appeal of a German Theory of Homosexuality to Zionism in the 1920s: Hashomer Hatzair Youth Movement as Mannerbund

Dr Ofer Nordheimer Nur (Tel Aviv University)

(Chair: Dr Chiara Beccalossi)

Autumn Term 2014
DateSeminar details
7 October The episcopal body and sexuality in late medieval England

Dr Katherine Harvey (Birkbeck College, University of London)

(Chair: Jane Mackelworth, PhD candidate, Queen Mary, University of London)

28 October Title to be confirmed

Dr Natasha Alden (University of Aberystwyth)


'What went on between Brock and Bob?'  Robert Oboussier, Werner Brock, and the evolution of gay identities in the Twentieth Century
Dr Lars Fischer (University College London)

(Claire Hayward, PhD candidate, Kingston University London)

18 November Attitudes to ejaculation in early modern England

Dr Tim Reinke-Williams (University of Northampton)

(Chair:  Jane Mackelworth, PhD candidate, Queen Mary, University of London)

This seminar will be co-hosted with the Life-Cycles Seminar series

9 December Reproductive Health, the Ford Foundation, and the Chinese Sexual Revolution

Dr Leon Antonio Rocha (University of Liverpool)

(Chair:  Claire Hayward, PhD candidate, Kingston University London)