Fellowships and Awards

Networking and academia

We've been inviting this year's fellows to write for uson the new IHR blog, and we've just published this post by George Gilbert, a Scouloudi Fellow at the IHR.

His thesis examines the radical right or monarchist faction in the Russian Empire (1900–1914), but in this piece he talks about the importance of networking for early career researchers. Apparently it can even be enjoyable...

IHR Fellowships Brochure 2013–14

The Fellowships Brochure for 2013–14 provides full details of the IHR’s current Fellows, including research profiles for our Junior and Senior Research Fellows. It also includes the schedule for this term’s Director’s Seminar (the forum at which our new Junior Fellows meet to present on their research), as well as a calendar of events for the academic year.

Forthcoming fellowships and awards

  • The IHR Mellon Fellowships and Jacobite Studies Trust Fellowships competitions have now ended. Fellows’ details will appear on the IHR website in October 2014.
  • The EHS, Pearsall, and Past & Present Fellowships competitions are still ongoing. Selection panels will report back in late May for Pearsall, and mid-/late June for EHS and Past & Present.
  • The IHR doctoral fellowships (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS) competition is still underway. Interviews will be held in early June.