Fellowships and Awards

Survey of London Walking Tour - Clerkenwell, 16 June 2016

The Survey of London was founded in 1894 by with the aim of tracing and recording the historic monuments of Greater London. Since then the Survey has published a series of histories of London. Join the Survey of London, in collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research, on a walking tour of the built environment and urban history of the Clerkenwell area.

The Survey’s research here traces the story of this tightly knit, multi-layered area and relates the social, political and economic transitions, from its medieval monastic origins to its recent emergence as a location for the architecture and design professions, and loft living.

IHR Annual Fellows Lecture 2016 - 29 June 2016

The Hundred Days and Waterloo:

‘the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life’

Speaker: Dr Roger Knight, Senior Research Fellow, IHR

The Duke of Wellington’s dictum about the closeness of the Allied victory over France at Waterloo has long been remembered. What is less well-known is the frantic rush to pull together an army in the Low Countries to oppose Napoleon. The ex-Emperor’s unlikely escape from Elba to the south of France in March 1815, and his risky and successful unopposed march north over the mountains to Paris, caught the Allies unaware.

The British army was partially demobilized, or in Ireland and the majority of the navy’s ships were laid up. Wellington’s Peninsular veterans had been sent to America and the West Indies. Now it was up to the more obscure parts of the British war machine to make the logistics work – the Transport Board, the Army Medical Board and the Board of Ordnance. And what should they prepare for?

The lecture is free and open to all.

Lecture: 6.00-7.30pm. Reception: 7.30-8.30pm.

Upcoming scholarships and awards

Competitions have now closed for all Fellowships.

The Annual Pollard Prize (sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.) – 27 May 2016

Huguenot Scholarship – 1 July 2016

Richard III Society and Yorkist History Trust Bursary – 1 July 2016

IHR Bursaries (IHR Friends, Alwyn Ruddock, David Bates) – 8 July 2016

The Curriers’ Company London History Essay Prize – 31 August 2016

The Sir Julian Corbett Prize in Modern Naval History – 1 October 2016

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2016 Junior Research Fellows’ colloquia

Thanks to the generous Power and Postan Fund the Institute of Historical Research provides financial and administrative support to IHR Junior Research Fellows to organize and run colloquia and workshops. These colloquia are a key element of the IHR Fellowships programme. These early career researchers gain valuable experience in planning and hosting academic events, while the Institute benefits from participating in engaging, diverse and cutting-edge academic activity.

  • Dance and morality - 28 June
  • Means of pay in early modern work - late September
  • Anticlericalism in Chinese and European history, [1000-1900] - late September
  • Environmental history: new perspectives
  • Writing the History of Britain and Ireland: The Use, Writing, and Reception of History Writing from 1500-1700