Conrad and Elizabeth Russell Postgraduate Emergency Hardship Fund

This fund is for members of the IHR community who encounter sudden and unexpected financial hardship.
Area of research: 
Eligibility requirements: 

Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be registered for a doctorate in History at a British or North American university

Students may be at any stage of a doctoral degree, at any HE institution in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the USA, or Canada.

  1. Have met with sudden and unexpected financial hardship

It is assumed that students have made realistic provision for their expected living costs and tuition fees. Where this is clearly not the case, a payment will not be made from the Fund. Details of what constitutes core income and expenditure are detailed on the next page. Please note that the Fund cannot be used to pay tuition fees, nor to cover the costs of having theses printed and bound for examination.

  1. Be members of the IHR community

This is defined as being a regular attendee at IHR seminars and/or a regular user of the IHR Library as a reader.

  1. Be resident in London

Applicants must be resident in London, whether temporarily for the purposes of their research or as their normal place of residence. London is broadly defined as within the Greater London area.

  1. Have applied (wherever possible) to their own university or college for assistance before turning to the Russell Fund

Applicants must demonstrate either that they have applied to such funds at their home institution, or that their institution does not provide an appropriate hardship fund. Written confirmation from the applicant’s doctoral supervisor is required in the latter case. If an application has been made to another hardship fund, please state the amount of the subsidy requested, its purpose, and when a response is expected. 

  1. Not have already received a subsidy from the Russell Fund in the current academic year

Applicants may only make one successful application to the Fund in any given academic year (1 October through to 30 September).

Amount awarded: 
£1000 will normally be available for distribution during any one year and an individual student will not normally receive an award of more than £500.
Applications open: 
1 Aug 2013 to 31 Jul 2014