Junior Fellows

Dr Catherine Arnold, Past & Present Fellow
Affairs of Humanity: Human Rights before the Nation-State
Christopher Bahl (SOAS), Thornley Fellow (6 months)
Travelling texts - Arabicised communities and histories of circulation across the early modern Western Indian Ocean
Irene Bavuso, EHS Postan Fellow
Political and Economic Development on Frontiers: the Scheldt-Meuse Paradigm
Dr Thomas Chopard, Jewish Studies Postdoctoral Fellow
The First Catastrophe of Central and East European Jewry : Wars, Pogroms, Displacements and Survival (1914-1924)
Sarah Gandee (Leeds), Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)
Law, Mobility and Identity: Reimagining the 'Criminal Tribe' in Postcolonial Punjab, 1918-1982
Dr Sacha Hepburn, Past & Present Fellow
Girlhood in British Colonial Africa: Gender and Childhood in Zambia and Kenya
Sveinn Jóhannesson, Past & Present Fellow
The Inquiring State: Science and Government in the United States across the Long Nineteenth Century
Radha Kapuria (KCL), Thornley Fellow (6 months)
Music in Colonial Punjab, c.1849-1947: A Social History (King’s College London)
Dr Jennifer Keating, Past & Present Fellow
Recourse to ruin: Eco-violence and social crisis in Russia, 1881-1930
Anna Kelley (Birmingham), Scouloudi Fellow (1 year)
Threads of History: Mediating the Late Antique and Early Medieval Cotton of Text, Excavation and the Museum
Simon Lewis, Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Lay Jacobitism and Theological Controversy in Britain, c.1689-c.1750
Stephanie Mawson (Cambridge), RHS Marshall Fellow
Incomplete Conquests in the Philippine Archipelago, 1565-1700
Angela Muir, EHS Power Fellow
Deviant Maternity: Illegitimacy in Eighteenth Century Wales
Allison Powers Useche, Past & Present Fellow
Settlement Colonialism: Compensatory Justice in United States Expansion, 1868-1978
Matt Raven (Hull), Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)
The Earls of Edward III, 1330-60
Elly Robson (Cambridge), RHS Centenary Fellow
Custom, Improvement, and Landscape in Fenland Drainage, 1560-1719
Dr Katy Roscoe, Pearsall Fellow
Convict Labour in Britain's Imperial Dockyards
Rebecca Simson, EHS Anniversary Fellow
Social Mobility in Postcolonial Africa
Dr Stephen Spencer, Past & Present Fellow
Remembering the Third Crusade in Western Europe and the Latin East, c.1187-c.1300
Dr William Tullett, Past & Present Fellow
Listening to London: The Practice of Sensory History
Teresa Witcombe (Exeter), Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)
Between Paris and Al-Andalus: Bishop Maurice of Burgos and his world, 1208-1238 (Exeter)
Meng Wu, EHS Tawney Fellow
Cooperation or Confrontation? A Comparative Study of the Chinese Modern Banks and Foreign Banks in China, 1912-1937