Junior Fellows

David Baillargeon (University of California-Santa Barbara) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Slaving on the “Imagined Frontier”: Britain, Burma, and the Political Economy of Empire, 1795–1900
Joshua Bennett (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow
Doctrine, progress and history: British religious debate c.1845–c.1914
Courtney J. Campbell (Vanderbilt) Past & Present Fellow
The Brazilian Northeast, Inside Out: Region, Nation, and Globalization (1926–1964)
David Churchill (Birkbeck) EHS Anniversary Fellow
Crime, commerce and security in nineteenth-century England
Jordan Claridge (Cambridge) EHS Postan Fellow
Managing Milk, Making a Living: Dairying and Dairypeople in Medieval England c.1250–1450
Zachary Dorner (Brown) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Expert individuals and networked pharmaceuticals: the making of Britain's global empire in the eighteenth century
Elodie Duché (Warwick) Alan Pearsall Fellow
A Passage to Imprisonment: Naval Prisoners of War and Transnational Experiences in Napoleonic France
Joanne Edge (Royal Holloway) Scouloudi Fellow
'Nomen omen': the 'Sphere of Life and Death' in late medieval England
George Gilbert (UEA) Scouloudi Fellow
Crisis and decline? the radical right movement in the Russian Empire, 1900–1914
Allegra Giovine (University of Pennsylvania) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
The economic map of nature: economic geography and the mapping of value and nation in Burma and Britain, 1860–1960
Megan J. Hall (Notre Dame) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Learning and literacy outside the convent: laywomen in post-Conquest England
Duncan Hardy (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow
Associative political culture in the Holy Roman Empire: the Upper Rhine, c.1350–1500
Eliza Hartrich (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow
Town, crown, and urban system: the position of towns in the English polity, 1413–71
Kate Imy (Rutgers) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Spiritual soldiers: masculinity and the body in the British Indian army, 1900–1940
Jennifer Keating (University College London) RHS P. J. Marshall Fellow
Space, Image and Display in Russian Central Asia, 1865–1916
Kevin Lewis (Oxford) Past & Present Fellow
Rule and identity in a diverse Mediterranean society: aspects of the county of Tripoli during the 12th-century
Ling-Fan Li (LSE) EHS Postan Fellow
The Stop of Exchequer (1672): was the English domestic and international credit market disintegrated?
Sarah Marks (UCL) Scouloudi Fellow
Psychiatric knowledge on the Soviet periphery: concepts of psychopathology in East Germany and Czechoslovakia, 1945–1980
Stewart McCain (Oxford) RHS P. J. Marshall Fellow
The language question under Napoleon
Ciarán McDonnell (NUI Maynooth University) Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Shifting allegiances: the officers of the Irish Brigade, Jacobitism and transnationalism in the 18th century
Eloise Moss (Oxford) Past & Present Fellow
Rooftop Robbers and the Real-Life Raffles: Burglary and the Making of Modern Urban Life, London 1860-1968
Emilie Murphy (York) RHS Centenary Fellow
Music and post-Reformation English Catholics 1575–1640: place, sociability and space
Caroline Nielsen (University College London) EHS Tawney Fellow
Disabled by the state: the pensioners of the Chest at Chatham and their communities, 1660–1807
David Parrish (Glasgow) Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Jacobitism and the Atlantic world in the age of Anne
Dhwani Patel (King’s College London) Thornley Fellow
‘Mirabilia urbis Romae’: public ritual and the classical past in late mediaeval Rome
Matt Phillips (Nottingham) Pearsall Fellow
Voices from the lower deck: Shipping, trade and the English navy during the Hundred Years’ War
William Pooley (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow
‘Misery in the moorlands’: lived bodies in the Landes de Gascogne, 1870–1914
Ben Pope (Durham) Scouloudi Fellow
Relations between townspeople and the rural nobility in late medieval Germany
Rachel Reeves (UCD) Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Politeness in the heights of the high church: power and taste among the nonjuring and Jacobite clergy
Wendy Sepponen (University of Michigan) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Milanese bronze & Spanish stone: sculptural Interchange and the Leoni Workshops (1549–1608)
Maria Waldinger (LSE) EHS Tawney Fellow
How does the effect of climate on economic growth change in an industrialising world?
Jennifer Wells (Brown) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Prelude to empire: state-building in Cromwellian Ireland and Scotland, 1649–1660
Amanda Wilkinson (Essex) EHS Power Fellow
Invisible workers? The recording of women's occupations in the Victorian censuses