Junior Fellows

Cécile Bushidi (SOAS) Isobel Thornley Fellow
Dance, socio-cultural change, and politics among the Gĩkũyũ people of Kenya, 1880s-1963
Jacob Currie (Cambridge), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months
St Albans Abbey and the Law, c. 1327-1396
Dr Alice Dolan (UCL) Economic History Society Anniversary Fellow
Re-Fashioning the Working Class: Mechanisation and Materiality in England 1800-1856
Will Eves (St Andrews) Scouloudi Fellow
The Assize of Mort d'Ancestor: From 1176 to 1230
Lucy Hennings (Oxford) RHS Marshall Fellow
England in Europe during the Reign of Henry III, 1216-1272
Felicity Hill (UEA) Scouloudi Fellow
Excommunication and Politics in thirteenth-century England
Jennifer Keating (University College London) Past & Present Fellow
Images in crisis: Landscapes of disorder in Russian Central Asia, 1915-1924
Roel Konijnendijk (UCL) – Past & Present Fellow
Courage and Skill: A Hierarchy of Virtue in Greek Thought
Dr Paul Kreitman (SOAS) Economic History Society Postan Fellow
Economic and Social Dimensions of Sovereignty in the North Pacific, 1861-1965
Julia Leikin (UCL) Scouloudi Fellow
Prize law, maritime neutrality, and the law of nations in Imperial Russia, 1768-1856
John Morgan (Exeter) Economic History Society Power Fellow
Financing flood security in eastern England, 1567-1826
James Norrie (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow (Oxford)
Property and Religious Change in the Diocese of Milan, c.990-1140
Joan Redmond (Cambridge) Scouloudi Fellow
Popular religious violence in Ireland, 1641-1660
Dr Mindaugas Sapoka (Aberdeen) Jacobite Trust Fellow
Poland-Lithuania and Jacobitism c. 1714 – c. 1750
Dr Tehila Sasson (UC Berkeley) Past & Present Fellow
In the Name of Humanity: Britain and the Rise of Global Humanitarianism
Judy Stephenson (Cambridge) Economic History Society Tawney Fellow
Occupation and Labour market institutions in London 1600 - 1800
Dr Ben Thomas (Aberdeen) Alan Pearsall Fellow
The Royal Naval Reserve in rural Scotland and Wales, c. 1900-1939
Sarah Ward (Oxford) Royal Historical Society Centenary Fellow
Royalism, Religion, and Revolution: The Gentry of North-East Wales, 1640-88
Dr Junqing Wu (Exeter) Past & Present Fellow (Exeter)
Anticlerical erotica in China and France: a cross-cultural analysis