Junior Fellows

Catherine Arnold (Yale) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Objects of charity: Britain and the development of a humanitarian politics, 1680–1748
David Baillargeon (University of California-Santa Barbara) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Slaving on the “Imagined Frontier”: Britain, Burma, and the Political Economy of Empire, 1795–1900
Joshua Bennett (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow
Doctrine, progress and history: British religious debate c.1845–c.1914
Courtney J. Campbell (Vanderbilt) Past & Present Fellow
The Brazilian Northeast, Inside Out: Region, Nation, and Globalization (1926–1964)
Jordan Claridge (Cambridge) EHS Postan Fellow
Managing Milk, Making a Living: Dairying and Dairypeople in Medieval England c.1250–1450
Elodie Duché (Warwick) Alan Pearsall Fellow
A Passage to Imprisonment: Naval Prisoners of War and Transnational Experiences in Napoleonic France
Allegra Giovine (University of Pennsylvania) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
The economic map of nature: economic geography and the mapping of value and nation in Burma and Britain, 1860–1960
Duncan Hardy (Oxford) Scouloudi Fellow
Associative political culture in the Holy Roman Empire: the Upper Rhine, c.1350–1500
Kate Imy (Rutgers) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Spiritual soldiers: masculinity and the body in the British Indian army, 1900–1940
Jennifer Keating (University College London) RHS P. J. Marshall Fellow
Space, Image and Display in Russian Central Asia, 1865–1916
Kevin Lewis (Oxford) Past & Present Fellow
Rule and identity in a diverse Mediterranean society: aspects of the county of Tripoli during the 12th-century
Ciarán McDonnell (Maynooth University) Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Shifting allegiances: the officers of the Irish Brigade, Jacobitism and transnationalism in the 18th century
Caroline Nielsen (University College London) EHS Tawney Fellow
Disabled by the state: the pensioners of the Chest at Chatham and their communities, 1660–1807
William Pooley (Oxford) Past & Present Fellow
‘Misery in the moorlands’: lived bodies in the Landes de Gascogne, 1870–1914
Pamela Schievenin (Glasgow), EHS Power Fellow
Being a working woman in a Catholic country: work and identity in post-war Italy, 1945–70
Erica Siegel (California Riverside) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
The gendered landscape of musical Britain: Elizabeth Maconchy and British musical modernism
Ralph Stevens (Cambridge) Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
A ‘British’ Jacobite? Three Kingdoms historiography in the works of Charles Leslie
Ben Taylor (King’s College London) RHS Centenary Fellow
Technology, policing and the engineering of an electronic surveillance state in 20th-century Britain
Carolyn Twomey (Boston College) Mellon Dissertation Fellow
Living water, living stone: the history and material culture of baptism in early medieval Britain c.400–c.1100
Layli Uddin (Royal Holloway, University of London) Scouloudi Fellow
In the land of eternal eid: Maulana Bhashani and the political mobilisation of peasants and lower-class urban workers in East Pakistan, c.1947–71
Róisín Watson (St Andrews) Scouloudi Fellow
Lutheran piety and visual culture in the Duchy of Württemberg, 1534–c.1700