Junior fellows

The IHR offers Junior Research Fellowships to early career researchers and to postdoctoral students near completion of their research degree. Fellowships are awarded by annual competition.

The Thornley, Scouloudi, and Royal Historical Society Fellowships are intended as writing-up awards. They will be awarded to doctoral students who are engaged in the completion of a doctorate in history (broadly defined) and who will have completed at least three years of full-time or four years of part-time research on their doctoral programme (and not more than four years’ full-time or six years’ part-time) at the beginning of the academic year in which the awards will be held. These fellowships are for a duration of six months or one year.

The Economic History Society, Past & Present, and Pearsall Fellowships will be awarded to postdoctoral applicants who have recently completed a doctoral degree in history, or who will have submitted their thesis for examination by 1 October in the academic year in which the Fellowship is to be held. The EHS and Pearsall Fellowships are for a duration of one year; Past & Present Fellowships are for a duration of two years.

The Jacobite Fellowship may be held by an advanced doctoral student or an early career postdoctoral researcher. This fellowship is for a duration of one year.

Richard Thomas Bell (Stanford), Scouloudi Fellow, 1 year
Compter's Commonwealth: The Politics of Imprisonment in Seventeenth-Century England
Dr Thomas Chopard, Jewish Studies Postdoctoral Fellow
The First Catastrophe of Central and East European Jewry : Wars, Pogroms, Displacements and Survival (1914-1924)
Jacob Currie (Cambridge), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months
St Albans Abbey and the Law, c. 1327-1396
Sam Drake (RHUL), RHS Marshall Fellow, 6 months
Cornwall and the Kingdom: Connectivity, Cohesion, and Integration, c.1300-c.1420
Janel Fontaine (KCL), Scouloudi Fellow, 1 year
Enslavement and the Slave Trade in the British Isles and the Czech Lands, 7th-11th centuries
Dr Joseph Harley, EHS Postan Fellow
Life in the English workhouse, c.1690-1834
Dr Sacha Hepburn, Past & Present Fellow
Girlhood in British Colonial Africa: Gender and Childhood in Zambia and Kenya
Dr Karolina Hutková, EHS Anniversary Fellow
British Political Economy and the Nineteenth-Century Bengal Silk Industry
Aashique Ahmed Iqbal (Oxford), RHS Marshall Fellow, 6 months
Sovereign Skies: Aviation and the Indian State 1939-53
Dr Jennifer S Kain, Pearsall Fellow in Naval and Maritime History
Seamen as Prohibited Immigrants: Shore leave, sickness, sanity and syphilis
Roel Konijnendijk (UCL) – Past & Present Fellow
Courage and Skill: A Hierarchy of Virtue in Greek Thought
Gary Chi-hung Luk, EHS Tawney Fellow
Water Borders: Ethnicities, Empires, and Trades in Late Imperial and Modern China’s Littorals
Dr Charmian Mansell, EHS Power Fellow
A new history of female service in early modern England, 1550-1650
Kathryn Olivarius, Past & Present Fellow
Professional Liars: Boosters, Their Bankers, and the Making of Urban America
Dr Tehila Sasson (UC Berkeley) Past & Present Fellow
In the Name of Humanity: Britain and the Rise of Global Humanitarianism
Benjamin Savill, RHS Centenary Fellow, 1 year
Papal Privileges in Early Medieval England, c. 680-1073
Gemma Scott (Keele), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months
Exploring Women's Engagements with India's Emergency, 1975-1977
Dr Jurriaan M. van Santvoort, Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow
Thomas Carte (1686-1754) and the Politics of Jacobite History
Emily Ward (Cambridge), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months
Child Kingship in England, Scotland, France and Germany, c.1050-1250
Benedict G. E. Wiedemann MA (UCL), Thornley Fellow, 1 year
Papal overlordship and 'protectio' of the king, c.1000-1300
Dr Junqing Wu (Exeter) Past & Present Fellow (Exeter)
Anticlerical erotica in China and France: a cross-cultural analysis