IHR Director’s Seminars 2012–13

Seminars will take place between 3:00 and 4:30 on Wednesday afternoons in the Lower Mezzanine Room at the IHR (except for the session on 28 November - please see below) . To reach the room go through the door to the right of the entry turnstile at the IHR reception, adjacent to the IHR lockers. Turn right, go down the stairs and then follow the corridor to the end.  Each paper will last between 15 and 20 minutes, and will be followed by questions from the other seminar participants. Tea and coffee will be served.


17 October

Iain Watts (Princeton), IHR Mellon Dissertation Fellow, one year

‘Current’ affairs: galvanism in British popular scientific culture and European networks of news, 1790–1820

Alexander Chase-Levenson (Princeton), IHR Mellon Dissertation Fellow, one year

‘The Chain of Europe’: quarantine, illness, and British imaginative geography, 17801870

Lise Jaillant (British Columbia, Vancouver), IHR Mellon Dissertation Fellow, one year

‘Highbrow,’ ‘Middlebrow,’ or ‘Modern’? Random House and the Modern Library Series, 1917–1955


24 October

Alex Brown (Durham), EHS Postan Fellow, one year

Estate management and institutional constraints in rural economic development in the north of England, 1400–1640

James Bowen (Lancaster), EHS Tawney Fellow, one year

Cottagers, common land and common rights in pre-industrial England and Wales

Richard Haines (Swansea), Alan Pearsall Fellow, one year

Reconstructing the British mercantile marine, c.1838–1913


31 October

Oliver Betts (York), Scouloudi Fellow, one year

Working-class homes in urban communities: 1870–1918

Anish Vanaik (Oxford), RHS P. J. Marshall Fellow, one year

Possessing the city: urban space and property relations in Delhi, 1911–47

Rebecca Williams (Warwick), Scouloudi Fellow, six months

The Khanna Study: population and development in India, 1953–1969


7 November

Roberta Cimino (St. Andrews), RHS Anniversary Fellow, one year

Italian queens in the 9th and 10th centuries

Matthew Ross (UCL), Thornley Fellow, one year

Cultural life at the 13th-century papal court: the papal chapel 1288–1304

Thomas Smith (Royal Holloway), Scouloudi Fellow, one year

Pope Honorius III and the Holy Land Crusade 1216–1227: a study in papal government


14 November

Anna Siebach Larsen (Notre Dame), IHR Mellon Dissertation Fellow, one year

Visualizing the divine: text, image and reader in 13th-century England

Jonathan Harris (Oxford), Scouloudi Fellow, one year

The reception of official propaganda in 16th-century England

Carla Manfredi (Queen’s University), IHR Mellon Dissertation Fellow, one year

‘Ill-Charted and Unlighted Seas’: phototexts and the pacific voyages of Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Van de Grift Stevenson


21 November

Victoria Henshaw (Birmingham), Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow, six months

The 1719: the forgotten rebellion

Caroline Watkinson (Westminster), Jacobite Studies Trust Fellow, six months

Women and Jacobitism

Jennifer Aston (Birmingham), EHS Power Fellow, one year

Feckless fraudsters or feeble failures? Female bankruptcy in Victorian and Edwardian England


28 November

To be held in Room L102 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Russell Square.

James Page (St. Andrews), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months

Prostitutes as testifying subjects in later mediaeval Germany

Nikolas Funke (Sussex), Past & Present Fellow, one year

Toleration and occupation in 17th-century Germany

James Boyd (Cardiff), EHS Anniversary Fellow, one year

The costs of German economic unification


5 December

Sara Gordon (Oxford), Scouloudi Fellow, six months

Reading and imagining family life in later medieval western Europe

Jack Lord (SOAS), Past & Present Fellow, one year

African colonial childhoods: children’s encounters with empire, modernity and globalisation in the Gold Coast, c. 1900–57

Timothy Rogan (Cambridge), Scouloudi Fellow, one year

Shifting Anglo-American conceptions of self and society, c.1920–c. 1960