Fellowships and Awards

Past & Present Fellowships 2017 – early deadline and competition dates

The competition for 2017-19 Past & Present Fellowships will open and close earlier this year than it has done in previous years.

The online application system will be open for submissions from 1 November 2016; the competition closes on 2 January 2017.


Anticlericalism in Comparison: China and West Europe – 8 October

The workshop seeks to explore the relationship between anticlerical discourse and the role of religion in societies by putting anticlericalism in a broader historical and cultural context.

A comparative approach will uncover some of the key factors which have shaped both civilizational experiences.

Junior Fellows’ News

IHR Junior Fellow Alice Dolan has been awarded a 6 month postdoctoral fellowship at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. http://www.paul-mellon-centre.ac.uk/fellowships-and-grants/opportunities/postdoctoral-fellowships/season/spring-2017 to write up her book.

Junior fellowships

Appointments are complete for the 2016-2017 Junior Fellowships and we look forward to welcoming the incoming Fellows in the new academic year:

Economic History Society Fellowships

Joseph Harley, EHS Postan Fellow, Life in the English workhouse, c.1690-1834

Karolina Hutkova, EHS Anniversary Fellow, British Political Economy and the Nineteenth-Century Bengal Silk Industry

Gary Luk, EHS Tawney Fellow, Water Borders: Ethnicities, Empires, and Trades in Late Imperial and Modern China’s Littorals

Charmian Mansell, EHS Power Fellow, A new history of female service in early modern England, 1550-1650

IHR Doctoral Fellowships (Scouloudi, Thornley, RHS)

Richard Thomas Bell (Stanford), Scouloudi Fellow, 1 year, Compter's Commonwealth: The Politics of Imprisonment in Seventeenth-Century England

Sam Drake (RHUL), RHS Marshall Fellow, 6 months, Cornwall and the Kingdom: Connectivity, Cohesion, and Integration, c.1300-c.1420

Janel Fontaine (KCL), Scouloudi Fellow, 1 year, Enslavement and the Slave Trade in the British Isles and the Czech Lands, 7th-11th centuries

Aashique Ahmed Iqbal (Oxford), RHS Marshall Fellow, 6 months, Sovereign Skies: Aviation and the Indian State 1939-53

Benjamin Savill (Oxford), RHS Centenary Fellow, 1 year, Papal Privileges in Early Medieval England, c. 680-1073

Gemma Scott (Keele), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months, Exploring Women's Engagements with India's Emergency, 1975-1977

Emily Ward (Cambridge), Scouloudi Fellow, 6 months, Child Kingship in England, Scotland, France and Germany, c.1050-1250

Benedict Wiedemann (UCL), Thornley Fellow, 1 year, Papal overlordship and 'protectio' of the king, c.1000-1300

Jacobite Studies Trust Fellowship

Jurriaan van Santvoort, Thomas Carte (1686-1754) and the Politics of Jacobite History

Jewish History Postdoctoral Fellowship

Thomas Chopard (EHESS), The First Catastrophe of Central and East European Jewry : Wars, Pogroms, Displacements and Survival (1914-1924)

Past & Present Fellowships

Sacha Hepburn, Girlhood in British Colonial Africa: Gender and Childhood in Zambia and Kenya

Kathryn Olivarius, Professional Liars: Boosters, Their Bankers, and the Making of Urban America

Pearsall Fellowship in Naval and Maritime History

Jennifer Kain, Seamen as Prohibited Immigrants: Shore leave, sickness, sanity and syphilis