Scouloudi Historical Awards: Publication Awards

The purpose of a Scouloudi publication award is to subsidise a portion of the cost of publishing a scholarly book or article, or an issue of a learned journal in the field of history, either in hard copy or through electronic publication. Applicants should not ask for more than their minimum requirements for the year concerned. Applications for very large sums or for longer periods tend to be self-defeating, as they would absorb too great a proportion of the available annual total. As a guide, individual awards may range between £100 and £1,000. Please do not apply for a subsidy in excess of £1,000 as this will automatically disqualify your application. Awards will not normally be paid until publication is well advanced at final proof stage. The award is then paid to the publisher. If the award is not taken up within two years it will lapse and must be re-applied for if later required.
Area of research: 
History (broadly defined)
Eligibility requirements: 

Applicants must be either graduates of a university in the United Kingdom with an honours degree (or postgraduate degree) in history, or a related subject; or British citizens with a similar qualification from a university outside the United Kingdom. Awards are not available to those registered for undergraduate or postgraduate courses or degrees.

Applicants may only apply for one Scouloudi Historical Award per year (either for Publication or Research, and regardless of whether the applications relate to different projects). 

Applications will be considered only in those cases where the applicant’s manuscript or electronic text has been provisionally accepted for publication by a reputable publisher, publishing house, web site or digital library subject to the provision of a subsidy.  Applications will be accepted from editors of learned journals or e-journals seeking subvention of individual issues of their journals.  Such applications should be made in the name of the editor and should include a list of contributors to the issue for which support is requested. 

Amount awarded: 
Up to £1,000
Applications open: 
7 Jan 2016 to 23 Mar 2016