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Almost all these records are records of taxation, including the Land tax for the City of London which includes an unusually long unbroken run of assessments.

Full catalogue entries will be found in our online catalogue (use the “Former catalogue”). To find the entries, do a Classification search for the Manuscript number given below in bold, adding leading zeroes if necessary to give the number five digits (e.g. Ms 03640 or Ms 30568).

If the collection consists of a single document, it will be given in the following way in this guide: Ms 25195; if the collection consists of more than one document, the first manuscript reference number only will be given with a dash to indicate further numbers, e.g. Ms 11295-. In order to find the entries in our online catalogue, please just enter the first number in a classification search, without a dash, e.g. Ms 11295. This search will find the collection level description which shows the full range of manuscript numbers for each collection.

The catalogue is available in hard copy at the Manuscripts Section's enquiry desk.

Assessments, protestations and subsidies.  Two royal assessments are held for the City of London 1559 and 1572, Ms 2859 and Ms 2942. Many crown or state assessments and some protestation returns are held amongst the records of individual City of London parishes and wards from 1559 onwards. These assessments and protestations are noted in our handlist London Rate Assessments and Inhabitants Lists... (1968), (out of print) which can be consulted at the Section's enquiry desk 

Census Returns. 20 sets of returns from City of London parishes to the censuses of 1801-1831. Most contain names of heads of household, with numbers, gender and ages of rest of household; a few are statistical with no names. L 40.3 (use “the catalogue” option and carry out a classification search, specifying Guildhall (MS) as the library site). They are also listed in a University of Essex History Department Working Paper, and are included in our handlist London Rate Assessments and Inhabitants Lists... (1968), (out of print) which can be consulted at the Section's enquiry desk

Microform census returns and indexes for the City of London 1841-1901 are held in the Printed Books Section of Guildhall Library, as are many transcripts, street and name indexes for London and the Home Counties and major provincial cities. See Printed Books Section leaflet “Census material at Guildhall Library” for further details.

CUSTOMS AND EXCISE. “Poundage and premium” ledgers (i.e. pension contribution accounts) only, 1867-8. [Received amongst the archives of the Corn Exchange.] L 41.163 Ms 30568

INCOME TAX COMMISSIONERS FOR THE CITY OF LONDON. Minute book 1865-75; charge duplicates 1928-38; submission appeals 1924-46; certificates of repayment 1924-45; register of changes in partnerships 1935-50. L 65.1 Ms 11321-

LAND TAX COMMISSIONERS FOR THE CITY OF LONDON. Assessments 1692-4, 1703-1941 [a great unbroken run], 1943-9. Assessments are available on microfilm until volume 398 (1831). From vol.491 (1901), 24 hours notice is required. For ward copies of assessments, see Section 11 (ii)).

General minute books 1760-1861; ward minute books - Aldersgate Without 1811-28, Aldgate 1731-84, Bridge Within 1806-38, Billingsgate 1793- 1823, Castle Baynard 1807-35, Cripplegate Within 1796-1826, Cripplegate Without 1732-59 (see also Section 11 (ii) for assessors' minutes 1732-60), Dowgate (minutes included within wardmote minutes, see Section 11 (ii)) circa.1806-c.1940, Farringdon Without 1771-1854 (ward) 1820-7 (St Andrew Holborn Precinct), Langbourn 1742-89; other records. 1693-1950. L 65.1 Ms 11295-

LAND TAX COMMISSIONERS FOR MIDDLESEX, TOWER DIVISION. Assessments, all available on microfilm.

[Covering dates only are given. It is rare to find unbroken series of rate assessments.] For further details see the handlist London Rate Assessments and Inhabitants Lists... (1968) (out of print), which can be consulted at the Section's enquiry desk. Assessments: All Saints Poplar, 1831-1930; Bromley St Leonard, 1783-1926 (main series of assessments 1744-1825 held by Tower Hamlets Library); Christchurch Spitalfields, 1743-1923; Holy Trinity Minories, 1744-1825; Norton Folgate, 1743-1923; Old Artillery Ground, 1743-1923; St Anne Limehouse, 1732-1825; St Botolph Aldgate (Middx part, East Smithfield), 1731-1926; St Dunstan Stepney, Mile End hamlet, 1741- 1930; St Dunstan Stepney, Ratcliff hamlet, 1730-1828; St George in the East, 1730-1923; St John Hackney, 1779-1923; St John Wapping, 1730-1826; St Katharine by the Tower, 1732-1822; St Leonard Shoreditch, 1806-1923; St Mary Stratford Bow, 1747-66 (main series of assessments 1741-1825 held by Tower Hamlets Library); St Mary Whitechapel, 1733- 1922; St Matthew Bethnal Green, 1829-1930; St Paul Shadwell, 1731- 1917; Stepney Poplar Blackwall, 1743-1815 (main series of assessments Poplar and Blackwall 1705-1826 at Tower Hamlets Library); Tower Within, 1744-1825; Tower Without, 1744-1823; Well Close, 1729-1923. L 65.1 Ms 3640-

Further (incomplete) records of other hundreds and divisions in Middlesex are held by London Metropolitan Archives. Further records concerning the land tax for London and Middlesex are held with the City of London Corporation's own records and The National Archives.

TAXATION OF NORWICH. Valuations of the Diocese of Ely and part of the Diocese of Norwich. 1256. 4 rolls - numbers 1, 3 and 4 are published in W.E. Lunt The Valuation of Norwich (Oxford, 1926). L 65.1 Ms 25195 (deposited with the records of St Paul’s cathedral).

TAXATION OF POPE NICHOLAS IV. Summary reports of deputy-collectors for English and Welsh dioceses, 1301-2; draft of collector's account roll for 1291-3. Both published in W.E. Lunt "Collectors' accounts for the clerical tenth 1296-1302" English Historical Review. Vol 31 (1916) pp 102-19. L 65.1 Ms 25196 (deposited with the records of St Paul’s cathedral).

TOWER OF LONDON see Section 18 (vi)

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