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18: INSTITUTIONS (iv) Independent charities

This section does not include records of charities attached to a particular church, parish or other authority. See also Section 16 (i) for parish charities, Section 18 (ii) for livery company charities, Section 18 (iii) for charity schools, Section 11 (ii) for ward charities, and Section 21 for mutual benefit and benevolent societies.

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ALDGATE AND ALLHALLOWS BARKING EXHIBITION FOUNDATION of Jewry Street. Administered by Sir John Cass’s Foundation (see Section 18iii). Established in 1894 as a combination of three parish charities, Hickson's, Starling's and Death's charities. Funded  exhibitions at secondary schools and Oxbridge, with residual monies to the Sir John Cass Technical Institute. Records pre-dating 1894 are largely of Death's Charity. 1679-1974. (deeds 1533-1991) L 49.11 Ms 31196-

ALDGATE FREEDOM FOUNDATION. Established in 1883 to administer the united charities of the Freedom (i.e. within the City) part of St. Botolph Aldgate. Monies were paid to maintain Tower Gardens and St Botolph Aldgate churchyard; almspeople at Lumley Almshouses, pensions and medical relief for poor of parish. Deposited with the records of Sir John Cass’s Foundation (see Section 18iii). 1883-1965. L 41.142 Ms 31226-



BUTLER’S CHARITY, administered by Sir John Cass’s Foundation (see Section 18iii). Established under the will of Samuel Butler (made in 1821; died in 1837) to pay for apprenticeships of boys and girls from 12 City of London and East End parishes, including St Botolph Aldgate. Later altered to include scholarships. 1854-1954 (deeds from 1791) L 49.11 Ms 31230-

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS’ CHARITIES LTD, of Moorgate Place, established in 1955 by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to act as a trustee for the Institute Prize Trust Fund and Chartered Accountants General Trust Fund. 1955-64 L 41.5 Ms 31830

CHRISTIAN DUTCH SEAMEN'S ASSOCIATION OF LONDON. 1903-24. L 41.51 Ms 9623. Part of the archives of the Dutch Church, Austin Friars - see Section 17.

CITY PAROCHIAL FOUNDATION, of 3 Temple gardens, established in 1891 as an amalgamation of the charities of City of London parishes (with the exception of St Botolph Aldgate, St Botolph Bishopsgate, St Giles Cripplegate, St Andrew Holborn and St Bride Fleet Street). Also known as the (Trustees of the) London Parochial Charities. 1891-1959. L 41.19 Ms 8965-. The covering dates of parish deeds deposited by the trustees are included in the entries for muniments of title for individual parishes in Section 16 (i).

CORPORATION OF TRINITY HOUSE, of Deptford Strond (1514-17th century); Ratcliff and Stepney (17th century); Water Lane 1660-1790s; and Tower Hill, 1796-present. The Corporation’s 1514 charter entitled it to relieve distressed mariners and to pilot ships in the Thames. Until 1988 it was the pilotage authority for much of England and Wales. Until 1854 it relieved many distressed mariners and their dependants throughout the UK (substantial petitions for relief survive 1784-1854). Its main functions currently are to maintain lighthouses and light vessels, beacons and buoys around England and Wales, to advise other lights and lighthouse authorities and to act as a marine charity. 1454, 1514-2000. L 63.7 Restricted access to records less than 30 years old. Ms 30001-

COUNCIL FOR BRITISH REPATRIATED FROM RUSSIA, established in 1921 as an association of charities interested in the employment, education and relief of British subjects repatriated from Russia. It was run from the home of the Honorary Secretary, at various NW London addresses. 1919-32. L 41.21 Russia Company Ms 11752- Part of the archives of the Russia Company - see Section 22 (i).

CRIPPLEGATE CHURCH FOUNDATION, of St Giles Cripplegate and Quest House, 6 Fore Street, 1892-7 and Cripplegate Institute, Golden Lane, 1897 onwards. Founded 1892 for the upkeep of the fabric of the church of St Giles Cripplegate. 1892-1966. L 11 Ms 20080-. Part of the archives of the parish of St Giles Cripplegate - see Section 16 (i).

CRIPPLEGATE FOUNDATION, of St Giles Cripplegate and Quest House, 6 Fore Street, 1892-7; Cripplegate Institute, Golden Lane, 1897-1970s,  Wilson Street and Worship Street 1974 onwards. Founded 1891 to administer the charities of the parish of St Giles Cripplegate and to establish and maintain the Cripplegate Institute, chiefly for use as a reading room and library. 1891-1954. L 41.19 Ms 20087-


EARLY MORNING LECTURER FUND. First traceable in 1737; the lecture moved in 1755 to St Alban Wood Street, in 1769 to St Margaret Lothbury, and in 1815 to St Swithin London Stone with St Mary Bothaw. The monies were transferred to a Fund for Assistant Curates in parishes adjoining the City in 1898. 1753-1898. L 14.39 Ms 10764-

HELP YOURSELF SOCIETY, founded 1927 by the London Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society to raise funds for various charitable organisations. ca.1951-1986. L 41.106 Ms 28978

LONDON COMMITTEE FOR THE RELIEF OF THE DISTRESSED IRISH, met at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate. Raised a substantial fund in 1822 in London and elsewhere for the relief of famine and distress in Ireland. Its books were closed in 1824. (Previously catalogued as the Irish Relief Fund until 2007.)1822-43. L 41.21 Ms 7440-

LLOYD’S PATRIOTIC FUND, of Lloyd's Coffee House at the Royal Exchange, 1803-13; 45 Lothbury, 1813-28; 8 Royal Exchange Gallery, 1828-38; 37 Old Broad Street, 1838-48; Sun Chambers, Threadneedle Street, 1848-57; County Chambers, 14 Cornhill, 1857-99; Brook House, Walbrook, 1899-1928; Lloyd's of London, Lime Street, 1928-. Founded 1803 to provide relief for men wounded in naval and army action, to support widows and dependents of men killed, and to grant honorary awards in recognition of bravery. 1803-1993. L 41.51 Ms 31590-



LONDON POOR CLERGY HOLIDAY FUND, of 9 Amen Court, Warwick Lane (in 1962). Founded in 1876 to enable poor clergy of London Diocese to have a holiday outside London and administered by the Archdeacon of London. 1892-1982. L 14.31. Restricted access to later records. Ms 24918-

LONDON STONE DISTRICT VISITING SOCIETY, a charitable society for visiting families and distributing religious tracts, linen, bread, coal etc. 1830-54. L 41.2 Ms 3366-.  Part of the archives of the parish of St Swithin London Stone.

MANSION HOUSE MEMORIAL FUND FOR ALBERT, PRINCE CONSORT. William Cubitt, Lord Mayor 1860-2, organised a large public subscription on the death of Prince Albert. The monies raised were given to a committee set up by Queen Victoria to choose a design and build the Albert Memorial (in South Kensington). 1862-72. L 31.82 Ms 2855-

MARINE SOCIETY, of Bishopsgate Street, "for fitting out poor boys to serve on board his Majesty’s ships in time of war and other charitable purposes". 1762-1925  L 41.31 RECORDS TRANSFERRED TO NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM 1998.

MARRIOTT BEQUEST. Alfred Marriott made a bequest in his will (proved 1896) to the archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and the Bishop of London for the building of churches and support of charitable institutions in the dioceses of Canterbury and York, in the London metropolitan area and overseas. 1896-1905. L 14.4 London diocese, Marriott Bequest Ms 17855-


METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL SUNDAY FUND, to 1974 officially of Mansion House, although had offices at 18 Victoria Street; 1974-82 at Edgware, Middlesex; 1982-95 at Teddington, Middlesex. Established 1873 to raise funds by collections in places of worship in the London area on Hospital Sunday and to distribute monies to voluntary hospitals and dispensaries. After foundation of the NHS, the Fund worked further in the voluntary sector and made grants to individual NHS patients. In 1995, its administration was carried out under the Peabody Trust. 1872-1995. L 47.1 Ms 30585-


MITCHELL CITY OF LONDON CHARITY AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION (formerly Mitchell City of London Charity, and Mitchell City of London Educational Foundation), of successively Red Lion Square, Catherine Street, Effiingham House, Arundel Square, Bedford Row, Holborn and Tillington, Herefordshire. Established 1883 for the provision of educational grants and pensions for the elderly. 1898-1968 (with title deeds from 1828). L 49.1 Educational charities without their own schools. Ms 24503-

ROYAL SCOTTISH CORPORATION, successively of the parish of St Ann Blackfriars; Crane Court; Fleur de Lis Court, off Fetter Lane; and King Street. Founded in 1665 as a “Scottish Hospital” to look after the sick and train the poor. Aims changed over time to providing financial assistance to Scots living in London and Westminster and supporting other Scottish charities; from early 19th century, helping Scottish servicemen and assisting children of London Scots with school fees were added. 1820-2002. L 41.21 Restricted access to later records; collection requires 24 hours notice. Ms 35760-

ST ALPHAGE SOCIETY, of various address including (successively) St. Alphage Vestry; Newgate Street; Cannon Street and Aldersgate Street, Little Britain. Founded in 1738 for the clothing and education of poor children in London, the children being sent to the Aldersgate Ward Schools (see Section 18iii). Disappears from trade directories in 1960. 1782-1940. L 49.1 Ms 7021-

ST BOTOLPH ALDGATE UNION FUND. Established in 1909 to pay apprenticeships of children of the parish and administered by Sir John Cass's Foundation (see Section 18iii). 1909-41. L 61.71 Ms 31247-

ST DUNSTAN’S EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, of 10 Idol Lane (1867-1901), Jewry Street (1901-). Established in 1867 to maintain St Dunstan's College, Catford (from the income of the parish charities of St Dunstan in the East). Had same chairman and clerk as Sir John Cass's Foundation, 1895-1915. Records deposited (by Sir John Cass’s Foundation, see Section 18iii) are of the London Office, with some estate records. The main archive of St Dunstan's Educational Foundation, including records of St Dunstan’s College, Catford, is held by Lewisham Local History and Archives. 1867-1929 (estate records including some of parish of St Dunstan in the East, 1581-1940). L 49.11 Ms 31250-


TOC H see CLAYTON, P. B. in Section 23

TURNER EXHIBITION FUND. Established in 1880 (from funds previously used for Turner’s Free School for Poor Boys, q.v.) for the training of female pupil teachers at church training colleges. Changed in 1929 to give girls and women exhibitions to any post elementary place of education. L 49.11 L 49.4 Restricted access (50 years) to Ms 18594 and 18595. Ms 10754-  

Pupil records, 1881-1987 (exhibitioners' lists 1881-1966 and exhibition applications 1881-5, 1960-5, 1974-9, 1982-7).

Administrative records, 1880-1990

WELCOME CHARITABLE INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS, of Jewin Street 1882-1940, then various addresses in the northern part of the City. Founded 1882 to provide assistance to female factory workers in the City. Known 1967-82 as the Welcome Fellowship; dissolved 1982. 1879-1989. L 41.5 Ms 21159-


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