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24: Other Archival Documents and Manuscripts

This section is for archival documents whose origin is unknown and which therefore cannot be assigned to any of the sections 11-23 above; and for manuscripts which are not archival (eg. literary manuscripts not forming part of a personal collection). Maps and plans in the custody of Manuscripts Section are described here if the surveyor is particularly well known, even where the maps and plans are part of a larger archive. The name indexes in both the Manuscripts and Prints and Maps Section should be consulted for a fuller list of maps and plans in Guildhall Library.

The list is selective, including only 'significant' and medieval mss. The following are not included - deeds, probate records, poll lists, receipts/vouchers, memoranda books, holograph letters.

Full catalogue entries will be found in our online catalogue (use the "Former Catalogue"). To find the entries, do a Classification search for the Manuscript number given below in bold, adding leading zeroes if necessary to give the number five digits (e.g. Ms 00232, Ms 01360 or Ms 25517). If the collection consists of a single document, it will be given in the following way in this guide: Ms 208. In order to find the entries in our online catalogue, please just enter the first number in a classification search e.g. Ms 208. The catalogue is available in hard copy at the Manuscripts Section's enquiry desk.

Many of the items have been very fully described by N.R. Ker in Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries (Oxford, 1969) vol.1. Page references are given where appropriate. A copy of this work is available in the Printed Books Section of the Library.

Proof of identity and address is required for consultation of many of the documents listed in this section.

ABBREVIATIONES PLACITORUM. 1457. A digest of legal cases from the Year Books of Edward III - Henry VI, arranged in alphabetical order of subjects. Partly by Thomas Segden. In French. Ms 208. Ker p.67-8

"ADDITIONAL MANUSCRIPTS": This series of documents, numbered Add Ms 1 to Add Ms 1153, comprises chiefly title deeds, including some formerly held by the Corporation of London Records Office, and is listed in a two-volume catalogue held at the Section's enquiry desk. Only a few items from this series have been entered in the online catalogue (all records of St. Stephen Walbrook or Farringdon Ward) where they can be found in a classification search under “Add Ms xxxxx”.

ALFRED COCK MEMORIAL COLLECTION. Articles and tracts relating to Henry VIII's proceedings against the Roman Catholic Church. Ca.1560. Include: articles of the royal commission of general visitation of the realm, account of the trial of Thomas More, account of the suppression of the Carthusians by Maurice Chauncy. In Latin. Ms 1231. [The majority of the Alfred Cock Memorial Collection, a collection of books relating to Sir Thomas More, is held by the Printed Books Section.]

AMYCE, Israel (fl. 1576-99). Survey and plans of woods and groves in the parishes of Edmonton, Tottenham and Enfield belonging to Sir Robert Cecil and adjoining estates of the Dean and Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral (1599). Ms. 18798. Also a survey (draft and final version) of the Dean and Chapter manor of Belchamp St Paul, Essex (1576). Ms 25517

BESANT, Sir Walter. Holograph manuscript of novel [written late 19th century] later published as The Bell of St Paul's (Chatto and Windus, 1899). Ms 1100

BOLOGNA LECTIONARY. Late 15th century. Compiled for use at St Proculus, Bologna, a benedictine abbey of the congregation of St Justina. In Latin. Ms 1360. Ker p.75

BOOKS OF HOURS: late 14th century. French. Ms 2230. Ker p.82

15th century. French. Ms 1364. Ker p.77

second half of 15th century. Dutch. Ms 1365. Ker p.78

15th century. Dutch. Ms 1448. Ker p.80

16th century. German. Ms 1449.

CHELSHAM, Robert (fl. 1672): survey and terrier, including plans, of estates of the Fishmongers' Company at Jesus Hospital, Bray, Berks. 1672. Ms 6680.

CHRONICLES OF FRANCE. Late 14th or early 15th centuries. Chronicles of French Kings to the accession of Charles VI in 1380. In French. Ms 244. Ker p.69

COLLINS, Greenvile (fl.1669-1698): plans of banks of the River Thames at various places. 1684. Ms 2745.

COUNCIL OF BASLE, proceedings. ?1431-43. In Latin. Ms 245. Ker p.70

DEVOTIONS FOR PENTECOST. late 15th century. In Latin and Low German. Ms 1366. Ker p.79

D'OYLEY COLLECTION of maps, plans and documents relating to Epping Forest, 17th to 19th centuries, including minute books of the Court of Attachments of Waltham Forest, 1713-1832. Ms 1367

ELIZABETH I. Register of Queen Elizabeth's official out-letters. 1595-9. In English and Latin. Ms 1752

EXCHEQUER. Record book relating to the King's revenue 1671-99. Compiled apparently for official reference and containing, inter alia, the London Custom House accounts 1672-80. Ms 5218

FLEETWOOD, William (ca.1535-1594), Recorder of London, treatises on various legal matters, including forest laws. ca.1580. In English and Latin. Ms 86

FORMULARY FOR LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. Early 16th century. Formula documents, guides for clerks and JPs and rules for the conduct of courts. In Latin, English and French. Ms 3035. Ker p.83

FRATERNITY OF PENITENTS AT BRESCIA, rule of. Late 13th or early 14th centuries. In Latin. Ms 1362. Ker p.76

GASKOYNE, Joel. Chart of the Guinea coast. 1683. Ms 3692

GREAT CHRONICLE OF LONDON. Compiled towards the end of the 15th century until ca. 1512. Chronicle of London affairs from 1189 - 1512. Ms 3313. Ker p.86-7. Published: A.H. Thomas and I.D.Thornley The Great Chronicle of London (1938)

HITCHCOCK, Isaac. Ms supplement, 1768-80, to Isaac Hitchcock English Liberty: A collection of interesting tracts...of John Wilkes Esq. (London, ?1769). Ms 3332

JUDAEUS, Isaac. Fragments of a work on natural science, which may include work by another hand.  Early 14th century. In Latin. Ms 2116

KELSEY, Richard, (fl.1791-1846). Architect and surveyor to the City of London Commissioners of Sewers 1832-46. Architectural sketch and note books, containing annotated designs for bridges, prisons etc. ca.1820-37. Ms 433

LEYBOURN, William, (1626?-1700?). Survey of Ironmongers' Company's Old Street estates. 1671. Ms 17254

MEDICAL TREATISE of John, son of Serapion. Second half of 13th century. In Latin. Ms 2119. Ker p.81-2

NEWCOURT, Richard. 3 maps of London. ca.1666. Ms 3441

NUREMBURG CHRONICLE. 1493. In Latin. Ms 3789

NUTRITION, treatise on. 15th century. In Latin. Ms 1351

OCULUS SACERDOTIS. 14th century. Treatise on the duties of the priest. In Latin. Ms 249. Ker p.72-3

PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS. 1676-8 (Ms 3589) and 1688-9 (Ms 2064)

PERYN, William. Ms. copy, apparently of 1597, of "Spiritual exercises and ghostly meditacions", compiled 1554 by Peryn, Prior of the Friars Preachers of St Bartholomew the Great. Ms 20845. Part of the parish archives.

PETER DE RIGA BIBLE. Early 13th century metrical version of the Bible by Petrus de Riga. In Latin. Ms 3042. Ker p.84-6

ROYAL NAVY. Letter book of Commander Richard Copeland, in command of HMS Mastiff, Meteor and Beacon. 1828-36. Ms 431

ST AUGUSTINE, rule of. 1450. In Latin. Ms 1363. Ker p.77

ST BOTOLPH ALDERSGATE MISSAL. Ca.1420-30. In Latin. Ms 515. Ker p.73-5

ST JOHN'S GOSPEL. 12th century. In Latin. Ms 1361. Ker p.75-6

ST PETER CORNHILL BIBLE. End 13th to early14th centuries. In Latin, English, Hebrew and Syriac. Ms 4158A. Ker p.262-3. Part of the parish archives.

SHAKESPEARE DEED. Counterpart bargain and sale by Henry Walker to William Shakespeare, William Johnson, John Jackson, and John Hemyng, of a tenement in Blackfriars. 1612/13. Shakespeare's autograph signature, one of only six undisputed examples, on the first seal strap from the left. Ms 3738 (and facsimile Ms 3738A)

SYON MONASTERY, rule of St Bridget. Early 16th century. Rules for the use of the brethren of Syon Abbey, Isleworth, Middlesex. In Latin. Ms. 25524. Ker p.243-4

SOANE, John (1753-1837). Survey of Finsbury manor. 1793. Ms 2709

STATUTES OF THE REALM. Late 14th century. Statutes Edw.I-III. In Latin and French. Ms 220. Ker p.68-9

'THE BARRIERS'. ca.1616. A courtly entertainment and combat presented by the four Inns of Court at the creation of Charles (I) as Prince of Wales, 1616. Transcribed and discussed in Guildhall Miscellany vol 1 no 6 Feb. 1956 pp.7-14. Ms 4160

TRESWELL, Ralph (ca.1540-1616). Plans of a number of Christ's Hospital estates in London, Kent and Essex. ca.1597-ca.1602 Ms 13568

WYNKYN DE WORDE. Title pages and some leaves of a Book of Hours, ca.1509. In Ms 30001B

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