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25: Antiquarian Collections

This section is selective. Only substantial antiquarians' collections have been included. It may be possible to trace further collections by conducting an author search on our online catalogue (see next paragraph).

Full catalogue entries will be found in our online catalogue (use the “Former catalogue”).To find the entries, do a Classification search for the Manuscript number given below in bold, adding leading zeroes if necessary to give the number five digits (e.g. Ms 00232, Ms 01360 or Ms 25517). If the collection consists of a single document, it will be given in the following way in this guide: Ms 1232; if the collection consists of several documents, it will be given as Ms 1555-. In order to find the entries in our online catalogue, please just enter the first number in a classification search, without a dash, e,g, Ms 01555. The catalogue is available in hard copy at the Manuscripts Section's enquiry desk.

Alternatively, entries can be found using an Author Search in our online catalogue The names below have been given in the form in which they appear in the online catalogue. 


BLACK, William Henry, 1808-1872, assistant Keeper at the Public Record Office and antiquary. Fragment of Latin tract (owned by Black) about Brittenburg, a Roman camp at Katwyk, Holland with drawings of archaeological finds there, compiled late 16th to early 17th century. Also his collections about St Botolph Aldgate and Dick Whittington, compiled 1828-33. Ms 260 and Ms 3719

BOLTON, Edmund (Mary), 1575?-1634?, antiquary and historian. Manuscript history of London, Vindiciae Britannicae, compiled at some point during 1628-34. Ms 3454

BRENT, Cecil. Dictionary of pilgrims' signs and badges in various collections. Compiled 1867. Ms 1232

BREWER, Thomas. Extracts from records and notes on officers of the Corporation of London, monumental inscriptions, and extracts from and indexes of other records, chiefly parish registers. Compiled 1835-70. Ms 1555-

BUCKLEY, Francis and George Bent. Antiquarian notes, chiefly relating to watches and 17th and 18th century London watchmakers and clockmakers. Compiled 1930-8.  Ms 2921-

BUMPUS, J.S. Letters and papers of and concerning Maria Hackett (of 8 Crosby Square, Bishopsgate, 1783-1874), and letters relating to church music. 1782-ca. 1910. Compiled and collected early 20th century. L11.53. Ms 10189-    See also GARRETT, Kathleen Isabella.

CANSICK, Frederick Teague. Transcripts of monumental inscriptions in the City of London and Middlesex. 1874-87. Ms 5866-

CARLOS, Edward John. Five volumes of church notes, including architectural sketches and plans of selected churches in the 'Home Counties', Monmouth, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Warwicks., and Yorkshire, and All Hallows Barking, St Andrew Undershaft, St Botolph Aldersgate, St Helen Bishopsgate and St Olave Hart Street. Compiled 1820s-40s. Ms 28910

CROKER, Thomas Crofton, 1798-1854. Sketches and descriptive notes of Roman and other antiquities, in London and elsewhere. Ms 1653

CROSBY, A. (Anthony). Historical notes prepared, circa 1813-45, for publication of a volume of "Views of the River Fleet", original drawings for which are held by the Prints and Maps Section of Guildhall Library. The volume remains unpublished. Ms 5138

CROWLEY, J.P. Drawings of and notes on sundials on churches and in churchyards in North Devon and Cornwall. 1952-64. Ms 36628-

DE CASTRO, J. Paul. Manuscript dictionary of London taverns since the Restoration. Compiled ca.1930. Ms 3110

DOWNMAN, Rev. Edward Andrews. Collections concerning ancient earthworks. Compiled 1901-22. Ms 2573-

FISHER, Thomas, FSA, antiquary and draughtsman, of Hoxton (1781?-1836). 19th century sketches and rubbings of tombs, memorial brasses and other monuments in the churches of St Helen Bishopsgate and St Olave Hart Street. Ms 1101

FITCH, Marc. Notes on place names of medieval London. Compiled circa 1970-1992. Ms 35157

GARRETT, Kathleen Isabella, former principal cataloguer in Guildhall Library. Research notes concerning Maria Hackett. Compiled 1970s. Ms 10189A-   See also BUMPUS, J.S.

GILBERT, Jeffray (Sir), judge and legal writer, 1674-1726. NB entered in online catalogue as Gilbert, Geoffrey. Manuscript history of the Court of the Exchequer comprising text of his Historical View of the Court of Exchequer with additional material. 1738-1828. Ms 210

GOSDEN, Thomas. Watercolour monumental drawings of notable tombs, stone crosses and other monuments in London, Middlesex, Surrey and Kent. 1843. Ms 3497

GREGORY, Samuel, attorney, of the Lord Mayor's court office, 1802-58. Genealogical and heraldic notes, sketches etc., chiefly concerning Lord Mayors and other officers of the City of London, including the "Lord Mayors' autograph book", (GL Ms 20) now maintained by the City of London, which contains the original signature of every Lord Mayor 1659 to date. Compiled mid 19th century. Some partly compiled by Joseph Jackson Howard, q.v. Ms 20-

HARDING, G. P. (George Perfect), miniature painter, 1779/80-1853. Transcript manuscript history of the Princes of Wales, with engravings of tombs, portraits and original drawings. 1828-51. Ms 600

HART, William. Compilations, extracted from 17th and 18th century newspapers and magazines, of London signs, 1649-1767 and of goldsmiths 1666-1731, and extracted from a 1749 directory, of city stage-coach and carrier services. Compiled 1880s. Ms 30904-

HERBERT, William, 1772-1851, actor, antiquarian and first librarian of Guildhall Library 1828-45. Notes and collections on London topographical history, livery companies and London monasteries. Early 19th century-1845. See also Section 23. Ms 37-

HOVENDEN, Robert, of Croydon, Surrey. Transcript of a 17th century apprentice binding register of the Barber Surgeons' Company, transcripts of 16th to 19th century parish records, monumental inscriptions etc., and genealogical notes on the Hovenden family. Compiled late 19th century. Ms 5266A-

HOWARD, Joseph Jackson, L.L.D., of Blackheath, Kent. Compilations of original records of, and sketches and genealogical and heraldic notes concerning, the following:- Lord Mayors and other City officers, the Barber Surgeons' Company, and the Gresham family. Also transcripts of parish registers and monumental inscriptions. Compiled mid-late 19th century. Some partly compiled by Samuel Gregory, q.v. Ms 1101-

HOWLETT, Bartholomew, 1767-1827. Drawings of seals of monastic bodies in London, Southwark and Westminster, with notes by John Caley. Early 19th century. Ms 42

JEWERS, Arthur John. Transcripts of monumental inscriptions and armorial bearings in City churches, with drawings and general notes relating to the persons concerned. Compiled 1910-19. Ms 2480

LONDON APPRECIATION SOCIETY. Topographical and historical notes and plans, mostly relating to the City of London, compiled c.1953-4. Ms 14856

LONGMATE, Barak, 1737/8-1793. Copies of manuscripts of heraldic interest and verbal accounts of arms, compiled mid-late 18th century. Ms 482

MAGUIRE, Leonard. 7 volumes of research notes, photographs and drawings of parish boundary marks in the Cities of London and Westminster, Middlesex and Southwark. Compiled 1950s-70s. Ms 28945

MCMURRAY, William, 1881-1945, vestry clerk of the united parishes of St Anne and St Agnes with St John Zachary. Historical notes comprising chiefly extracts from, and transcripts and indexes of, diocesan records and records of City parishes, including extracts from many parish registers which have since been damaged or destroyed. Compiled early-mid 20th century. Ms 3701-

MOORE, Arthur, circa 1666-1730, economist and politician. Collection of papers, including contemporary copy assessments, of City of London subsidies of 1600/1, 1604/5 and 1605/6. Ms 2942A

NOBLE, Mark, 1754-1827, biographer and antiquary, rector of Barming, Kent. Lists of officeholders and biographical notes for the City of London 1290-1825, and Tower of London, 16th century onwards, Dukes of Albemarle and Sir John Jefferies, “Judge Jefferies”. Compiled 1803-25. Ms 23, Ms 217, Ms 246-7

POWELL, Rev. David Thomas, ?1773-1848. Historical notes and sketches concerning churches in London and Middlesex, compiled circa. 1810. Ms 3776

PRIDDEN, Rev. John, 1758-1825, minor canon of St. Paul’s cathedral and of Westminster Abbey, curate of St. Bride Fleet Street and rector of St. George Botolph Lane with St. Botolph Billingsgate. Transcripts of records of, and historical notes concerning, the parish of St Bride Fleet Street, St Paul's Cathedral, and churches in London and Middlesex. Compiled late 18th and early 19th centuries. Ms 5763-

PRIESTLEY, Harold. Notes on the history and topography of the City of London with sketch plans, compiled mid-late 20th century. L83. Ms 29096

SAMUEL, Wilfred S. Manuscripts collected and compiled ca.1937-52 in connection with his research involving the day book of Sir Charles Peers (see Section 22 (i)) and the journal of Carleton Smith (see Section 26), early 18th century gaoler at Newgate prison, including a photocopy of the journal (1717). Ms 10188-

SMITH, William, circa 1550-1618, herald and playwright; citizen and haberdasher. Treatise on government and constitution of the City of London, 1575, and 3 copies of the coats of arms of members of the 12 Great livery companies who served the office of Lord Mayor, Alderman or Sheriff, 1232-1609. Compiled  1575-1609.  Ms 2077, Ms 2463-4

SPENCER, Edward. Notes on inns and taverns of Islington. Compiled late 19th century. Ms 474A

TILER, Arthur. Notes on ornaments, armorial bearings and other items of interest in churches in London, Westminster and adjacent parts of Middlesex, Essex, Kent and Surrey. Compiled 1786. Ms 43 

TYRRELL, Edward, City Remembrancer 1832-63. Collection of manuscripts relating to the City of London, bought by the City Corporation from Tyrrell in 1872. Ms 111-

UPCOTT, William, 1779-1845. Sub-librarian of London Institution from 1806 and collector of coins, trade tokens, engravings and autographs. Helped to re-establish Guildhall Library in mid 1820s. Catalogue of provincial coins. 1800. Ms 2945

WARBURTON, John, 1682-1759, herald and antiquary. Collection of pedigrees of Lord Mayors. Compiled 17th and 18th centuries. Ms 503

WATTS, Edward. Scrapbook containing notes and newspaper cuttings relating chiefly to City churches. Compiled ca.1848-97. Ms 19854

WEIGHT, George. 'Holiday rambles in Essex and Herts.' Unpublished manuscript with drawings of churches. 1876. Ms 475

WILLSHIRE, William Hughes, 1817-99, physician and collector of prints and books. Analysis of his early printed book collection (much of it bequeathed, with his Old Master print collection, to Guildhall Library in 1899) and notes on early Christian archaeology. 1890-1. Ms 1450 and Ms 3722

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