Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section

1997 Accessions


Brash Brothers, tea merchants: papers belonging to an employee, 1930s (Ms 31501).

Broderers' Company: additional records, 1508/9-1989 including grant of arms, 1558, ordinances, 1582 and charters, 1609 and 1686 (Mss 14669/2 and 31361-71).

Carmen's Company: additional records, 1836-1972 (Mss 4907/6-12 and 31000-9).

E Pitcher and Co, clock merchants and wholesale agents of Holborn: scrapbooks, ca. 1915-73 (Mss 30794 and 30794A).

Foreign Banks and Securities Houses Association: records from 1947.

Gibraltar Diocese: additional records, 19th and 20th centuries.

Hand in Hand Fire and Life Insurance Society: deed of settlement, 1817 (Ms 31500).

Jerusalem Coffee House: registers of shipping arrivals 1799-1809 and sailings 1813-29 (Mss 31372 and 31374).

Naples Anglican Chaplaincy: records, 19th and 20th centuries.

Phillips and Drew, stockbrokers: records, 20th century.

Sion College: additional records, 1812-1995.

Skinners' Company: additional records, 16th-20th centuries including detailed estimates and accounts of expenditure on election day dinners, 1705-80 (Ms 31322) and livery lists, 1728/9-1853/4 (Ms 31308/2-13).

Society for the Relief of the Houseless Poor: records, 19th and 20th centuries.

Society of East India Commanders: letter book, 1773-1828 (Ms 31376).

Thorne and Co Ltd, merchants of 66 Old Broad Street: records, ca. 1845-1901.

Turquand Youngs and Co, accountants: records, 1858-1919 (Mss 31377-82).

Vintry and Dowgate Wards Club: records, 1877-1995 (Mss 31354-7).

Walmer Castle: ship’s log on voyage from London to Penang 1807-9 (Ms 31375).

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Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section