Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section

1998 Accessions


British Factory, St Petersburg: additional records, 1774-1900

College of Minor Canons of St Paul’s Cathedral: five royal charters, 1394-1566 (Mss 29410, 29412-15) and ordinances of the Bishop of London, 1395 (Ms 29416)

Corporation of Trinity House: additional records, 1616-1995, including book of reports by Michael Faraday, 1840-5 (Mss 30004/12A; 30010/12A, 12B, 13A, 15A; 30019/60; 30025/130, 131, 133-4; 30057A; 30065/3; 30108B; 30210A; 30220A/1-2; 30203A; 30317/2; also added to Mss 30209, 30362/8 and 30352A/3)

Cossart, Gordon and Co, wine shippers of London and Madeira: records, ca. 1760-ca. 1900 (transfer from Liverpool University Archives)

Council of the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders: additional records, 20th century

Gibraltar Diocese: additional records, 20th century

Hill Vellacott, chartered accountants: records, 19th and 20th centuries

Inchcape Group, general merchants and agents throughout the world: additional records, 20th century

Intercontinental Church Society: additional records, 20th century

Ironmongers Company: additional records including accounts and letter books, 1883-1973

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society: records, ca. 1840-ca. 1965

Lloyd’s of London: general meetings minute books 1811-1981 (Ms 31570) and committee minute books 1771-1979 (Ms 31571)

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund: records, 1803-1968 (Mss 31590-6)

London Diocese: additional records, 20th century (mostly uncatalogued apart from some faculties catalogued as Ms 31587)

Luxton and Co, fish merchants: business and family correspondence and papers, 1908-12 (Ms 31572)

Moores Rowland, chartered accountants: records of predecessor companies (ie Westcott Maskall and Co and Waissen Wilson), 19th and 20th centuries

North British and Mercantile Insurance Co Ltd: additional records comprising circulars (some annotated) from the Life Offices Association, 1927-73

Parker, William and Son, glass merchants: correspondence, 1788-1800 (Ms 31521)

Peek Bros and Winch Ltd, tea brokers: records, 1858-1937

Phillips and Drew, stockbrokers: records, 1953-78

Peirce and Tate, fish merchants: bad and doubtful debt book, 1763-93 (Ms 31573)

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Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section