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2003 Accessions


Ancient Society of College Youths, bell-ringing society, additional records comprising minutes, 1884-1972 and peal books, 1820-1974 [all microform copies of records held elsewhere] (Ms 21657/3-4, 21657A, 33992/1-7)

Armourers’ and Brasiers’ Company, additional records, 1710-ca. 1970 including minutes, accounts, inventories and photographs (Acc 2003/052) [5 linear metres]

Bonus, John, slopseller of Thames Street, accounts of debts owed to his estate, 1768-84 (Acc 2003/055)

Bowyers’ Company, additional record comprising a copy order in council, 1687 (Acc 2003/024)

Burhampooter [ship]: ship’s registry papers, 1841 (Ms 33966)

Butchers’ Company, additional record comprising printed text of freeman’s oath, 18th/19th cent (Ms 34396)

Butterworth and Co, publishers, additional records, 18th-20th cents, including publication catalogues, 1777-1995 (Acc 2003/036)

Cheap Ward, additional records, 1887-1964, including minutes, 1887-1953 (Acc 2003/007)

Clayton and Morris, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents, additional records comprising letters, 1671-3 (Acc 2003/004, 020, 053)

Cornish and Hornby family papers, 1789-1880 (Acc 2003/041)

Corporation of Trinity House, additional records, 1819-2000, including minutes, 1988-2000, London pilots register, 1930-86 and pilotage examination books, 1836-64 (Mss 30004/43, 30010/146, 30065A, 30139A, 30172/4, 30174A, 30182A, 30184A/1-3)

Customs and Excise, letters from authors of confiscated counterfeit books (including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch and Jack London) giving permission for the books to be donated to lighthouse keepers, 1905-82 (Ms 34397)

Deeds of Bishopsgate Street, 1549-1767, St James Duke’s Place, 1757, South Sea House, 1823, Whitecross Street, 1634 (Mss 33961, 33964, 33991, 34394-4A)

Eagle Star Insurance Co Ltd, records of Eagle Star and predecessor companies, 1807-2003 (Acc 2003/017) together with deeds of various properties taken in by Eagle Star as security, 17th-20th cents [not part of corporate archive] (Acc 2003/016)

Europe Diocese, additional records comprising Bishop’s act book, 1977-86 and an agreement relating to the church in Luxembourg, 2003 (Acc 2003/010, 025)

Europe Diocese, Antwerp (St Boniface), Belgium, additional records, 1821-2001 (Acc 2003/048) including a register of burials, 1910-97 and service registers, 1910-94 (Ms 34398-9)

Europe Diocese, Bruges (English Church), Belgium, records comprising minutes, 1874-1946 and accounts, 1896-1922 (Ms 34985-6)

Europe Diocese, Knokke (St George’s Church), Belgium, records, 1920-2001 (Acc 2003/047) including register of burials, 1930-2001 (Ms 34400)

Europe Diocese, Lisbon Anglican Chaplaincy, Portugal, additional records comprising registers of marriages, 1812-63 and burials, 1811-92 (Ms 33993-4)

Europe Diocese, Ostend (English Church), Belgium, records, 1836-1998 (Acc 2003/045) including registers of baptisms and burials, 1836-1998 and marriages, 1842-1994 (Ms 34987-9)

Europe Diocese, Rouen (All Saints church), France, chaplain’s book, 1961-93 (Acc 2003/025)

Europe Diocese, Tangier, St Andrew’s Church, Morocco, additional records, 1885-1977 including minutes, 1935-72, accounts, 1885-1964 and a service register, 1906-20 (Acc 2003/013, 022))

Europe Diocese, Ypres (St George’s Memorial Church), Belgium, additional record comprising a photocopy of a ministerial decree concerning church property, 2003 (Acc 2003/034)

Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers’ Company, additional record comprising a photocopy of an apprenticeship indenture, 1826 (Ms 33999)

Guild of Cordwainers, records, ca. 1958-64 (Acc 2003/033) [not the same as the Cordwainers’ Company]

Institute of London Underwriters, additional committee minutes, 1954-5 (Ms 31842/12)

Intercontinental Church Society, additional records, 1884-2001 (mostly chaplaincy correspondence files, 1980s-2001) (Acc 2003/044)

John Newton and Sons, scriveners and notaries, memorandum book, 1810-37 (Acc 2003/051)

London Diocese, additional records comprising faculties, 1992-2003 (Acc 2003/57); also a lease of ground between the Bishop’s Palace and Paul’s Alley, 1627 and Archdeaconry of Middlesex index to marriage allegations, 1709-11, compiled late19th/early 20th cent [photocopy of item held elsewhere] (Mss 12042A, 34392)

London Rifle Brigade, additional records, 1939, 1950-88, including newsletters, 1953-88 (Mss 33982-5)

Machinery Users’ Association, additional records comprising annual reports and minutes of Annual General Meetings, 1934-6 (Acc 2003/032)

Marc Fitch Fund, research notes on early medieval London place names, updating Ekwall’s street names of London, 1954, compiled ca. 1970-2003 (Acc 2003/043)

Merchant Taylors’ Company, additional records comprising plans of alterations to the Hall, ca. 1885, 1913-47 (Acc 2003/58)

Moore, Sir John, additional records comprising letter to Moore, 1694 (to be added to Ms 29445/1)

Neptune [ship]: ship’s manifest of goods laden at Madras, 1831 (Ms 33965)

Norton, Charles, two letters to Edward Tyrrell concerning his brother George Norton’s book Commentaries on the History, Constitution, and Chartered Franchises of the City of London, 1829-30 (Acc 2003/054)

Office of the Banking Ombudsman, records, 1985-2003 (Acc 2003/038)

Russia Company, additional annual reports and accounts, 1996-2000 (Ms 32801/1)

St. Katharine by the Tower (Royal Foundation), additional records, 1802-2003 (Mss 19011/4-8, added to 21674, 34948-60)

Seccombe, Marshall, Campion, discount house, additional records comprising accounts, 1923-86 (Acc 2003/001)

Shakespear Lodge No.99, Freemasons’ lodge, additional minutes, 1803-55 (Ms 33962/1-2)

Sissons, Bersey, Gain, Vincent and Co, chartered accountants, records, 1895-1970 (Mss 33986-90, 34379)

Skinners’ Company, additional records comprising minutes of meetings to make arrangements for election day, 1711-79 [photocopies of records held elsewhere] (Ms 34000)

Smith family papers, 1884, 1919 including an agreement concerning Smith Bros and Co (printers), 1919 (Acc 2003/056)

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, bell-ringing society, additional records comprising "name books", 1747-1897 and peal books, 1748-1828 [formerly held on microfilm only] and anniversary peal book, 1997 (Ms 21658/1-2, 21659/1, 34393)

Society for the Protection of Life from Fire, records, 1844-1976 (Mss 34978-84)

Upholders’ Company, additional records, 1986-2003 (Acc 2003/021)

Woolmen’s Company, additional records, 1549-2002, including minute book, 1971-2002 and photographic copy of memorandum book, 1549-1712 (Ms 6903/6, 6907A, 34395)

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