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2004 Accessions


Aldersgate Ward Club, additional records 1948-2004 (Ms 35004-7A)

Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, gold mining company, additional records 1897-2001, including staff agreement registers (Ms 35350-2)

Association of Investment Trust Companies, records ca. 1932-75 (Acc 2004/041) [10 linear metres]

Butler family, freedom admission and apprenticeship indenture 1832, 1887 (Ms 35216)

Chartered Institute of Bankers, additional records comprising council minutes 1981-9 (Ms 30850/41-9) [0.5 linear metres]

Cheap Ward Club, additional records comprising committee minutes 1993-2003 (Ms 31625/5-6)

City Heritage Society, records 1973-2003 (Acc 2004/011) [0.5 linear metres]

Clayton and Morris, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents, additional letters and papers 1664-75 including a letter about a Leicestershire coal mine managed by their agent Peter Wood 1671 (Acc 2004/003, 017, 038, 054)

Corporation of Trinity House, additional records comprising board minutes 1989-96 (Ms 30010/145A-B)

Customs and Excise: additional letters, from Arthur Conan Doyle and Jack London 1906, to Customs and Excise, giving permission for any confiscated counterfeit books to be donated to the Corporation of Trinity House as additions to the libraries of lighthouse keepers and light vessel crews (Ms 34397)

Deeds of Fleet Street 1617-20, St Lawrence Lane 1709 and Tokenhouse Yard 1834 (Ms 34990, 35215, 35856)

Dyster, Nalder and Co, hide and skin brokers and leather factors, additional records comprising a copy letter book, 1915-50 (Ms 35182)

Edmund Schluter and Company Limited, commodity traders dealing mainly in coffee and rubber, records ca. 1880-1960 (Acc. 2004/049)

Engineers’ Company, draft charter with accompanying letter 2004 (Ms 35340)

Europe Diocese, additional records comprising order of service celebrating link between Britain and Gibraltar 2004 (Acc 2004/025)

Europe Diocese, Antwerp (St Boniface), Belgium, additional records 2000-4 (Acc 2004/028, 043)

Europe Diocese, Copenhagen (St Alban), vicarage plans 1963 (Acc 2004/042)

Europe Diocese: Knokke (St George’s Church), Belgium, additional records comprising a drawing of an extension to the church 1926 (Acc 004/045)

Europe Diocese, Ostend (English Church), Belgium, additional records, 1922-89 (Acc 2004/048)

Europe Diocese, British Factory, St Petersburg, Russia, additional records, 1737-1875 (Acc 2004/060)

Feltmakers’ Company, additional records 1744-1827 (Ms 35217)

Fire Offices’ Committee, additional records comprising papers concerning electric lighting and alarms 1864-1912 (Acc 2004/053)

Fleet Street Choir, records 1933-52 (Ms 35219-24)

Framework Knitters’ Company, additional records 1931-96 (Ms 35822-6)

Girdlers’ Company, additional records comprising plans of designs for carpets for Girdlers’ Hall, ca. 1961 (Ms 35855)

Hellaby family, records ca. 1841, 1921-30 (Acc 2004/050)

Herbert Chappell Ltd, tailors, records ca. 1860s-ca. 1950s (Ms 35210-14)

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, additional records 1901-72 (Ms 28410/3-4, 28411/15-27, 28412/9-12, 28414/7-11, 28416/10-20, 28419/2-3, 28420/5-16, 28423/2-4, 28424/2, 28426/33-47, 28430/2, 28468/17-32,  35338-9, 35860-6) [8.5 linear metres]

Institute of Meat, records 1946-94 (Ms 35711-25) [1.5 linear metres]

International Wine and Food Society, records comprising account book of Andre Simon of sales of wines ca. 1920-50, and register of books borrowed from the library 1969-82 (Ms 35353-4)

London Diocese, additional Paddington estate records late 18th century-1988 (Acc 2004/006, 035) [157 linear metres]

Loriners’ Company, additional records 2001-4 (added to Ms 33903/9, Ms 35226)

Moore, Sir John, additional letters and papers 1669-1700, including letters to Moore about the lead trade 1678-9 (added to Ms 29445/1, Acc 2004/016, 037, 055)

Musicians’ Company, additional records comprising correspondence 1994-5 (Ms 35900)

Newton family pedigree 1859-61 (Ms 16930A)

Recipe books and records of dinners ca. 1855-1982 (Ms 35159-61)

Richardson, William S: certificate of thanks presented by the parish of St Sepulchre Middlesex to William S. Richardson for his service as vestryman, overseer, churchwarden and member of the District Board of Works, and his promotion of the "New Central Meat Market" [Smithfield Market] 1877 (Ms 35218)

Royal Scottish Corporation, charity providing grants and pensions to Scottish people in financial difficulties in London, records 1820-2002 (Ms 35760-812) [7 linear metres]

Royal Society of St George, City of London Branch, additional records comprising council minutes 1995-2001 (Ms 31694/5-6)

St. Paul’s Cathedral, additional records comprising court papers of various manors 1700-1869 (Acc 2004/004)

Society for the Protection of Life from Fire, additional records comprising minutes and summaries of awards 1975-98 (Ms 34980/9, 34982A)

Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, bell-ringing society, additional records comprising peal book, 1828-86 [formerly held on microfilm only] (Ms 21659/2)

Stalby, James, apprenticeship indenture 1774 and freedom certificate 1781 of James Stalby as a waterman and lighterman (Ms 35003)

Stock Exchange Restrictive Practices Case Committee, records 1976-90 (Ms 35759)

Sun Insurance Office, additional records comprising paper concerning cases of fraud and arson 1869 (added to Ms 19494)

Thwaites and Reed Limited, clockmakers, additional records comprising John Thwaites’ school exercise book and rough account book ca. 1770-1808 (Ms 6788A)

Union Discount Company, discount house, records comprising historical index cards of notes about individuals and organisation with which the company had had contact 19th-20th cents, minutes late 1800s, photographs (Acc 2004/051)

Upholders’ Company, additional records 1920-2004 (Ms 35813)

Wood, Alan: personal reminiscences and notes concerning the Borneo Company, general merchants and agents throughout the Far East (especially in Sarawak and Thailand) and the Americas,  ca. 2000 (Acc 2004/040)


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