Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section

1994 Accessions


Accepting Houses Committee: records, c1914-1988 (Mss 29294- 327)

Baltic Mercantile and Shipping Exchange: records of the Exchange and its predecessors (Baltic Committee; London Shipping Exchange), 1837-c1950

British Tanker Company, shipping company: apprentices journal, 1950-1 (Ms 29577)

Clayton, Sir Robert, and Morris, John, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents: additional records, 17th century Corn Exchange: records, 1805-1980

Corporation of Trinity House: additional records, 19th-20th centuries (various Mss numbers)

Drury, Thurgood and Company, accountants: records, 20th century

Edward Arnold Limited, publishers: additional records, 1890- 1981 (Mss 29708-13)

Franklin Wild and Company, accountants: records, 1891-1973

George Mitchell, banker: account book, 1822-50 (Ms 29409)

Gerrard and National Holdings plc, discount house: additional records, 19th-20th centuries

Ghent Anglican Chaplaincy (Belgium): records, including registers of baptisms and marriages, 1856-1990 (Mss 29349- 62)

Gibraltar Diocese: additional records, 19th-20th centuries

Guardian Royal Exchange, insurance company, with subsidiaries and predecessors: records, 1887-1973

Henry Hewetson and Company, warehousemen, sailcloth canvas, linen, sacking and tarpaulin factors: ledger, c1825-34

Hodder and Stoughton Limited, publishers, with subsidiaries: additional records, 1861-1993 (Mss 29579-715)

Industrial Life Offices Association: records, 20th century

Issuing Houses Association: records, c1945-1988 (Mss 29328- 38)

Izmir Anglican Chaplaincy (Turkey): baptism and burial registers, 1800-1990

London Diocese: additional records (relating to Diocesan boards, committees, missions and charities), c1820-c1960

London Stock Exchange: additional records, 19th-20th centuries

National Chamber of Trade: records, 20th century (Mss 29340- 8)

National Conference of Industrial Assurance Approved Societies: records, 20th century

National Discount Company Limited, discount house: records, 19th-20th centuries

P. B. Burgoyne and Company, wine merchants: out-letter book, 1884-6 (Ms 29450)

Reads and Company, accountants: records, 20th century

St. Pauls Cathedral Choir School: records, c1870-1970 (Mss 29518-45)

Shakespear Lodge No. 99, Freemasons: records, late 18th century-1961

Sinclair Birch and Company, wine and spirit merchants: records, 1862-1915 (Ms 29188)

Sir John Moore, merchant (citizen and grocer, and Lord Mayor 1681-2): additional records, 1672-1700 (Mss 29445/1-2 part)

Smith, Mackenzie and Company, general merchants and agents in East Africa: additional records, 1870-1945

Standard Chartered Bank: premises records of constituent banks (Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China; Bank of British West Africa; Eastern Bank; Standard Bank of South Africa), c1860-c1965

Steel Brothers Company Limited, general merchants in Burma, India, and later North America and Australasia: records, 1894-1974 (Mss 29553-76)

Sun Insurance Office: additional records, 1715-1950

T. T. Curwen and Sons, stockbrokers: records, 19th-20th centuries

Western City Dispensary, medical charity: minute book, 1829- 77

W. W. Pownall and Company, wine merchants: out-letter book, 1895-8 (Ms 29451)

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Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section