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Combmakers' Company

The only manuscript source at Guildhall Library is the court minute book 1744-50 (Ms 5414). An index to freedom admissions recorded in this book, together with names of combmakers outside London, is available in Combs, Combmakers and the Combmakers' Company by Ron Bowers, kept in Guildhall Library Printed Books Section (ref. Pam 18352).

The Company, which received its charter in 1635, was still in existence in 1862, according to Bowers, but seems to have to become defunct by 1892. Liverymen of the Combmakers are listed in City poll books / electoral registers for 1831-62.

See also Cliff Webb's London Livery Company Apprenticeship Registers, Vol.6 ...Combmakers' Company 1744-50 ... (1997). Compiled from Ms 5414. Indexed by names of apprentice and master, subjects and places. Available in Guildhall Library Printed Books Section and Manuscripts Section reading room. 

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