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If you would like to receive a regular copy of Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section's new free quarterly electronic newsletter, please let us know. The newsletter contains information about talks, tours and exhibitions, newly-catalogued archives, volunteer projects, what goes on behind the scenes, and much more. Contact us and we will email you a copy.

The newsletters are also available here:

No.1 September 2005

No.2 January 2006

No.3 Spring 2006

No.4 Summer 2006

No.5 Autumn 2006

No.6 Winter 2006/7

No.7 Spring 2007

No.8 Summer 2007

No.9 Autumn 2007

No.10 Winter 2007/8

No.11 Spring 2008

No.12 Summer 2008

No.13 Autumn 2008

No.14 Winter 2008/9

No.15 Spring 2009

No.16 Summer 2009

No.17 Autumn 2009

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