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2002 Accessions


Aldersgate Ward Club, additional records comprising text of talk about the ward, 1971 (Ms 33834)


Armourers’ and Brasiers’ Company, additional records comprising a scrapbook, 1870-1903 (Acc 2002/056)


Ashurst Morris Crisp, solicitors, records including accounts, partnership agreements and client’s papers, and Ashurst and Morris family papers, 1823-ca. 1990 (Acc 2002/072)


Blacksmith’s Company, additional records comprising minutes, 1998-9 (Ms 2881/37)


Bone, Charles Edward, of Compton [Berkshire?], scrapbook of newspaper cuttings on various subjects including Farringdon Ward Club and the Economic Life Assurance Society, 1844-99 (Ms 32822)


Bridewell Royal Hospital, additional records comprising steward’s report book for King Edward’s School, Witley, Surrey, 1924-9 (Ms 33100A)


Bridgman, John, West India merchant, journal of private and business expenditure, 1796-1800 (Ms 33764)


Candlewick Ward, additional records including wardmote minutes, 1862-1985 (Mss 8534/2, 32755-6)


Candlewick Ward Club, additional records including minutes, 1923-97 (Mss 2841/5-6 and 32757-68)


Christ’s Hospital, additional records relating to Robert Gale’s Gift, 1672-84 (Ms 13293)


Clayton and Morris, scriveners, merchant bankers and estate agents, letter from Samuel Verdon to John Morris, 1681 (Acc 2002/028)


Coachmakers’  and Coach Harness Makers’ Company, additional records including minutes, 1942-97 (Mss 5637/4-6, 33741-4)


Cordwainers’ Company, additional records comprising a petition against complaints of the curriers, 1737 (Ms 32938)


Cripplegate Schools Foundation, additional  records including minutes and accounts, 1906-38 (Acc 2002/47)


Europe Diocese, additional records comprising correspondence files 1884-2000 (Acc 2002/069)


Europe Diocese: Archdeaconry of Northwest Europe, records, 1953-2000 (Acc 2002/002)


Europe Diocese: Antwerp Anglican Chaplaincy, additional records, 1996-2000 (Acc 2002/068)


Europe Diocese: Athens Anglican Chaplaincy, additional records, 1931-2002 (Mss 23840/2-4, 23841/7-10, 32960-1)


Europe Diocese: Haarlem Anglican Chaplaincy [Netherlands], additional records, 1967-98 (Acc 2002/064)


Europe Diocese: Nerja [Spain], St. Michael’s Church, records, 1984-97 (Acc 2002/038)


Europe Diocese: Paris (St George’s) Anglican Chaplaincy, additional records, 1935-73 (Acc 2002/071)


Europe Diocese: Ponta Delgada [Portugal], registers of baptisms, marriages and burials, 1827-1955 (Mss 23643/1, 23644/1, 23645/1, 23645A)


Europe Diocese: Sophia Antipolis Anglican Chaplaincy [Greece], records, 1989-2001 (Acc 2002/070)


Farebrother, Ellis and Co, chartered surveyors specialising in fee farm rents, additional records, ca. 1670-1987 (Acc 2002/065)


Farriers’ Company, additional records including minutes and accounts, 1890-1992 (Mss 5523/11-18, 21380/6-7, 33745-63)


Feltmakers’ Company, additional records, ca. 1750-1848 (Mss 6899B, 11807A, 32962-3 and additions to Mss 11809, 11814 and 11814A)


Framework Knitters’ Company, additional records comprising minutes, 1970-1992 and ordinances, 2000 (Mss 3451/7, 32800)


Girdlers’ Company, additional records including deeds and plans, 1842-1981 (Acc 2002/051)


Harvey family, papers mostly relating to South Sea House, Threadneedle Street, 1734-57 (Accs 2002/058, 2002/061)


Hope-Jones, F. Frank, letter to Lieutenant H. J. Marcoolyn referring to Hope-Jones’ book Electrical Timekeeping (1940), 1944 (Ms 32937)


Knight family, letters to C. S. Knight, insurance broker, concerning membership of Lloyd’s of London underwriting syndicates, 1898-1911 (Ms 33715)


Law Union and Crown Insurance Company, additional records comprising instructions to agents, ca. 1910 (Acc 2002/003)


Lime Street Ward, additional wardmote minute book, 1866-1996 (Ms 1169/3)


London Diocese, additional records, 1914-2000, including subscription books, 1914-56 (Mss 9185B, 29516/1-2, 32725)


London Diocese, Archdeacon of London, induction mandate, 1554 and bond, 1683 (Mss 9459B, 32769)


London Phonetic Shorthand Writers Association, notebooks mostly written in shorthand, ca. 1870-1910 (Acc 2002/012)


Loriners’ Company, additional records including minutes and accounts, 1819-2002 (Ms 15835/15-17, Accs 2002/053, 2002/059)


Lowcock, George, cutler of 8 Ball Alley, Lombard Street, and his descendants, letters and papers, 1623-1891 (Ms 32990/1-7)


Merchant Taylors’ Company, additional records comprising chantry certificate, 1548 and printed reports to court, 1941-51 (Acc 2002/066)


National Mutual Assurance Society and predecessor companies (National Life Assurance Society, Mutual Life Assurance Society and Whittington Life Assurance Company), records, 1830-2000 (Acc. 2002/019)


Newbon, Joseph, papers mostly relating to his efforts to place a memorial tablet to William Shakespeare on the Post Office Savings Bank in Carter Lane, 1824-1929 (Ms 32748)


Rectifiers’ Club, distilling trade discussion club, minute and account books, 1819-66 (Ms 32939-40)


Royal Society of St George, City of London Branch, additional records comprising menus, 1955-99 (Ms 32933)


Russia Company, additional records comprising accounts, 1982-7 (Ms 32801/1)


St. Paul’s Cathedral, additional records comprising probate bond, 1671 (CF 123), chapter minute book, 1785-1821 (Ms 25738/6), rota books (of presentations to benefices), 1833-1938 (Ms 25821/1-2) and Tillingham [Essex] estate management files, 1936-94 (CF 137/1-5)


St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School, additional records comprising accounts of scholarships, 1944-86 (Ms 29521A)


Saull family of Aldersgate Street, papers, 19th century (Acc 2002/057)


Sion College, additional records comprising accounts and extracts from court registers, 1631-ca. 1728 (Mss 33448, 33458)


Smith, Joseph, grocer, of 119 Cannon Street, customer ledger, 1728-34 (Acc 2002/057)


Society of Public Notaries of London [now known as the Society of Scrivener Notaries], records including minutes and accounts, 1825- ca. 1990 (Acc 2002/055)


Society of Royal Cumberland Youths, bell-ringing society, additional records including minutes and membership lists, 1882-1999 (Acc 2002/001)


Tin Plate Workers’ Company, additional records including minutes, accounts and membership lists, 1825-1998 (Acc 2002/050)


Tylers and Bricklayers’ Company, additional records including membership lists, 1877-2000 (Mss 32964-7)


Union Corporation Ltd, predecessor companies and subsidiaries, including A. Goerz and Co., who developed mines in South Africa and elsewhere, records, ca. 1893 onwards (Acc 2002/043)


Upholders’ Company, additional records, 1999-2002 (Accs 2002/025, 2002/048))


Watermen and Lightermen’s Company, petition signed by 700 Watermen against the activities of the Ballast Officers, addressed to the Lord Protector, ca. 1653-8 (Ms 33765)



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