Informal interview with Kate Moorse, 21 June 2010

Kate Moorse was formerly Warden of the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) History and Social Sciences Teachers’ Centre in Clapham until it closed in 1990. In this capacity, she worked with seconded, advisory colleagues to develop training and materials to support history teaching in ILEA schools. She was subsequently involved in the development of the National Curriculum history order and worked as an adviser, inspector and trainer in history education. She is currently an Honorary Fellow of the Schools’ History Project.

The History and Social Sciences Teachers’ Centre (HSSTC) was one of a number of specialist subject teachers’ centres across the 10 divisions of the Inner London Education Authority. Established in 1970, it housed an extensive library of learning and teaching resources; a team of seconded primary and secondary advisory teachers, advisory head teachers and subject inspectors; a suite of seminar and lecture rooms together with exhibition spaces. It provided advisory support, in-service training, curriculum development and innovation for teachers and schools and enrichment programmes for sixth formers and other pupils. The centre worked extensively with museums, galleries archives and other agencies to co-ordinate and deliver continuing education across London. As well as supporting London’s teachers, the centre assumed a national reputation and made its facilities available to teachers from elsewhere in the UK and internationally.

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