Interview with Chris Culpin, 22 September 2009

Chris Culpin has been a history teacher, examiner, text book writer and the Director of the Schools History Project (1997-2008). He was also a member of the National Curriculum History Working Group in 1990. He reviews his early teaching carer in Norwich and Exmouth in the late 1960s then moves on to his teaching in Suffolk where he began examining CSE and in particular Mode 3 courses. He became Chief Examiner for the SHP Syllabus at CSE level. He discusses the way in which the Schools History Project has influenced examinations in history, especially the GCSE. He then considers the impact of the National Curriculum on history teaching over the past twenty years. He reflects on the longevity of the SHP and its continuing attraction to history teachers. Interviewed by Dr Nicola Sheldon

Interviewee type: 
National Curriculum History Working Group