Interview with Evelyn Hinde, 25 January 2010

Evelyn Hinde spent her teaching career in secondary modern schools in London and Kent. She trained to teach at Stockwell Training College in 1955 where she recalls an inspiring and lively lecturer. She taught first in a girls' school in Deptford, where the four-year curriculum ranged from the Stone Age to the present day. Most students left at 15 without taking exams. Although 'chalk and talk' predominated, Evelyn collected postcards and illustrations to accompany the most dramatic historical stories and organised visits to historical sites. In the sixties, she taught in Kent schools, saw the rise of CSEs and 'integrated humanities' and the impact of TV. From 1976-96, Evelyn Hinde was a headteacher, although she continued teaching some history. Interviewed by Nicola Sheldon.

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