Interview with Linda Turner and Rob Snow, 1 July 2010

Linda Turner and Rob Snow are history teachers working at King James School in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. They both reflect on the deficiencies of their teacher training. Linda recalls her early career in a secondary modern in Buckinghamshire in the mid-1970s. Here she worked with an 'inspirational' head of department who engaged the students through local history. Rob by contrast recalls the challenge of moving to a multi-cultural school in Bradford where each teacher had to sort out their own curriculum. Rob and Linda talk about the changes in the teaching of history over their careers - the impact of GCSE, the National Curriculum, of technology and of the lack of time to do 'fun' things, such as the 'trip around Rome' in the school quad, with chariot races on hobby horses and mock gladiator fights, or the Arkwright song competition, which involved the singing of the songs as well as the writing of them! Interviewed by Nicola Sheldon.

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