The Sixties

Cultural Revolution in Britain, France, Italy, and the United States, 1958-1974
Marwick, Arthur
Date published: 
October 1998

Mention of the sixties arouses strong emotions even in those who were already old when the sixties began and those who were not even born when the sixties ended. For some, it is a golden age of liberation and political progressiveness; others see it as a time when the secure framework of morality, authority, and discipline disintegrated. Arthur Marwick's book is a monumental study of social and cultural change in Europe and the United States in a period of outstanding historical significance, analysing phenomena as diverse as the rise of youth culture, the impact of the civil rights movement, feminism, sexual permissiveness, the rise of rock music, and reassessment of traditional attitudes to class, race, and the family.

From civil rights to sexual permissiveness -- a major new assessment of the sixties

Draws on unpublished archive material which evokes the character of the decade