The Oxford Companion to Food

Davidson, Alan
Date published: 
January 1999

Twenty years in the making, here at last is the long-awaited magnum opus from one of the world's greatest authorities on the history and use of food and foodstuffs the world over. Food historian and author Alan Davidson has personally written an amazing 80 per cent of this unique work with additional articles by over 50 specialist authors from as far afield as the Philippines, Norway, and Australia. 2650 BRILLIANTLY READABLE A-Z ENTRIES over 40 feature articles highlighting staple foods of the world exquisite delicately drawn illustrations by laotian artist soun vannithone navigation chart to the companion theme- by-theme extensive bibliography the most wide-ranging coverage ever of foods and food products and how to use them from exotic vegetables and spices to edible fungi and fish of all kinds, from common-or-garden carrots to specialities, such as caterpillars, not for the squeamish famous cooked and prepared dishes and drinks from around the world with their main ingredients and method of preparation from cider, crocque-monsieur, and couscous to Sussex pond pudding, sherbet, and sonofabitch stew all the flavours, styles, and staples of national and regional cuisines, past and present, ranging from classical Greek and Roman, Inca, and Moghul cuisine to Parsi food and Jewish cookery, Cambodia, and Celtic feasting culinary terms, cooking techniques, and food science to enlighten amateur cook and professional alike from colour and curdling, to sushi and soffritto; from ice and irradiation, to listeria, and lactose intolerance the history of cookery books and food writers across 2000 years, including major surveys of English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and American cookery books the place of food in culture and religion, through fasting and feasting, dietary laws and mythology, fast food and soul food, wedding meals and washing up

A unique work, compiled by one of the world's leading food experts, taking a global approach to food in all its aspects, historical and cultural, as well as gastronomic. This is the ultimate source of reference for anyone with an interest in food.

Winner of Best Culinary History Book, Versailles World Cookbook Fair Awards. Won Special Glenfiddich Award 2000

a unique reference book, twenty years in the making, by one of the world's greatest food experts

unmatched coverage of foods and pre pared dishes from all over the world, together with entries on national and regional cuisines, food preparation and preservation, culinary terms and techniques, food science and diet, cookery books and their authors, and food in culture and religion

an engaging writing style, blending authority, anecdote, and wit in 2650 A-Z entries, guaranteeing a fascinating read

includes contributions from over 50 specialist authors from around the world

over 170 exquisitely delicate and specially commissioned illustrations of foods from the comfortingly familiar to the bizarre and rare