The Trouble between Us

An Uneasy History of White and Black Women in the Feminist Movement
Breines, Winifred
Date published: 
May 2006

Focusing on white and black women, this book examines the feminist movement to ask why, given the roots of second wave feminism in the civil rights movement, a racially integrated women's liberation movement didn't develop in the 1960s and 70s in the United States. As a participant and a scholar, Breines soberly looks at why African American women consistently accused white feminists of racism when many were committed opponents of racism and wanted to build an interracial feminist movement. She explores segregation, the Black Power movement, class differences, and the development of identity politics with an emphasis on 'difference.' Despite substantial hurdles, white and black feminists pioneered in exploring racism in their movements and in the United States and eventually developed cross-racial feminist political projects.