The Dramatic Festivals of Athens

Pickard-Cambridge, Arthur W.
Gould, John
Lewis, D.M.
Date published: 
December 1988
2nd edition

The late Sir Arthur Pickard-Cambridge devoted his life to the study of all aspects of the Greek theatre. The first edition of his authoritative work The Dramatic Festivals of Athens was published posthumously in 1953; the second, fully revised and updated by J. Gould and D. M. Lewis, was issued in 1968. It is now made available once again to students and scholars, and this latest reissue includes a new Supplement which brings the evidence fully up to date. Generously illustrated, the work is unique in its full presentati on of the evidence - literary, epigraphic, and archaeological - on which any discussion of the dramatic festivals must be based, as well as in its treatment of the difficulties of interpretation. '...(this book) is a work of the first importance: not only does it contain practically everything that is known about the Festivals themselves, but the author has dealt at great length with the Actors, Costume, the Chorus, the Audience, and the Artists of Dionysus... It does indeed constitute the most authoritative and up-to-date record of this subject yet produced in English.' Greece and Rome