A Commentary on Herodotus: With Introduction and Appendices

Volume I: Books I-IV
Date published: 
February 1989

Ancient critics called Herodotus `the father of history'. He was in fact the first to research and verify the events of the past (historie) and then to relate their consequences to the present. His Histories focus on the struggle between Persia and Greece from the time of Croesus to that of Xerxes, though frequent digressions provide a wealth of information on customs and cultures of peoples foreign to the Greeks. This new paperback edition of How and Wells's standard commentary (in print continuously since 1912) deals with the first four books (out of nine), covering Persia from Croesus to Cyrus, up to Darius' expedition against the Scythians and Libyans. In addition to the detailed commentary, aimed primarily at students, it includes short introductory summaries of certain sections of text, a full introduction describing Herodotus' life and composition of the Histories, and fifteen appendices dealing with problems concerning the text and content of these four books.


This new paperback edition of How and Wells's standard commentary deals with the first four (of nine) of Herodutus' books. There is a detailed commentary, short introductory summaries, and a detailed introduction to Herodutus' life.