A History of Macedonia. Volume III: 336-167 BC

Date published: 
January 1988

This volume carries the history of Macedonia through from the death of Philip II to the end of its existence as an independent state in 167 BC. Its expansion in the reign of Alexander is one of the miracles of history. An attempt is made to understand the internal sources of strength of the kingdom and the impact of Alexander's career upon the Macedonians, the Greek states, and the Balkan area. It then goes on to examine the period of civil war which followed, between the Macedonian generals, each of them claiming to defend the monarchy. After the death of Alexander IV the Macedonian-H ellenistic kingdoms are viewed from the standpoint of Macedonia and the Greek mainland, which remain the central topics of this three-volume history. The final phase is dominated by the wars with Rome; recent discoveries have afforded new insights into Macedonia's contribution to the arts and into the structure and the institutions of this most remarkable of all the monarchic states.


Joint winner of the Runciman Prize.