The Book of St Gilbert

Foreville, Raymonde
Keir, Gillian
Date published: 
April 1987

The Book of St Gilbert was written by a canon of the Order of Sempringham and is presented here in its first, full, critical edition. It contains all the documents of the canonization process of St Gilbert and his life, including a dossier of letters concerning a major crisis of his rule, the revolt of the lay brothers; a detailed account of the canonization process; and two collections of his miracles. The book is especially revealing of the procedures of canonization at a crucial stage in its formation and provides a central body of material for the history of the Order in its first sixty years.


This first, full critical edition consists of all the documents relating to the canonization of St Gilbert of Sempringham (died 1189), and provides the principal material for the early history of the Order which he founded.