History of the University of Oxford

Volume V: The Eighteenth Century
Sutherland, L.S.
Mitchell, L.G.
Aston, T.H.
Date published: 
January 1986

Volume V shows a contrasting picture of eighteenth-century Oxford to that presented by Edward Gibbon in his Autobiography. A more balanced assessment has been long overdue. From detailed studies it is now possible to show that in most subjects Oxford had a reputation that was far from contemptible, and one that attracted foreign scholars in some numbers. Academic responsibilities were taken seriously and reforming minds were at work. Attention is given to the University's role in nati onal politics, its social and administrative structure, and its relationship with the Church, as well as the full range of academic life and culture in eighteenth-century Oxford. Contributors: L. G . Mitchell, G. V. Bennett, P. Langford, L. S. Sutherland, I. G. Doolittle, J. P. D. Dunbabin, V. H. H. Green, R. Greaves, P. Quarrie, M. L. Clarke, D. Patterson, P. J. Marshall, J. Yolton, J. L. Barton, A. G. MacGregor, G. I'E. Turner, C. Webster, I. G. Philip, S. Piggott, D. Fairer, H. M. Colvin, E. Waterhouse, S. L. F. Wollenberg