Royal Bounty

The Making of a Welfare Monarchy
Prochaska, Frank
Date published: 
January 1995

As the constitutional importance of the monarchy has declined, the British royal family has forged a new and popular role for itself as patron, promoter, and fundraiser for the deserving and the underprivileged. This book - which tells the story of the royal family's voluntary work from the eighteenth century to the present - is a pioneering study of the creation of a 'welfare monarchy' and its social significance and underlying political meaning in a democratic, collectivist age. Drawing on previously unused material from the Royal Archives and elsewhere, Frank Prochaska traces the dynamic alliance that has developed between the crown and British civil society, showing that the monarchy's welfare work has raised its prestige and reaffirmed its importance at the same time that it has brought vitality and success to a vast range of charitable campaigns and institutions.