Not Without Honor

The History of American Anticommunism
Powers, Richard Gid
Date published: 
July 1998

The American anticommunist movement has been viewed as a product of right-wing hysteria that deeply scarred American society and institutions. This book restores the struggle against communism to its historic place in American life. Richard Gid Powers shows that McCarthyism, red-baiting and black-listing were only one aspect of this struggle, and that the movement was in fact composed of a wide range of Americans - Jews, Protestants, blacks, Catholics, Socialists, union leaders, businessmen and conservatives - whose ideas and political initiatives were rooted not in ignorance and fear but in real knowledge and experience of the Communist system. Richard Gid Powers, professor of history at the College of Staten Island and Graduate Center, CUNY, is also the author of Secrecy and Power: The Life of J. Edgar Hoover.