Benjamin Franklin

In Search of a Better World
Talbott, Page
Date published: 
January 2006

Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World examines the many facets of America’s most extraordinary founding father. Politician, diplomat, scientist, printer, and civic improver, Franklin influenced every aspect of American life, from his own time to the present. This book, designed to accompany the traveling Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary exhibition celebrating Franklin’s 300th birthday, includes essays by ten prominent scholars that offer an overview of Franklin’s life and cover the full range of his interests and achievements, illustrated by more than 250 color images - portraits, manuscripts, drawings, maps, paintings, engravings, and a plethora of Franklin possessions, from teacups to printing equipment - many of which have never been seen before. This comprehensive guide, combining new scholarship with unique images, will be a must-have for anyone interested in Franklin.