The Evolution of the British Welfare State, 2nd edition

Fraser, Derek
Date published: 
January 1983

'an excellent textbook covering the period from the late eighteenth century to the present day...and one which will surely become the standard introductory text.' - Alan Deacon, British Book News'The purpose of this fine book is...the course of British social policy since the Industrial Revolution...this is a very good work with an excellent bibliography and a documentary appendix.' - Donald R. Neat, Historian'For its intended use as a text Fraser's study is an improvement on earlier work. Particularly on the nineteenth century The Evolution has some original things to say. Fraser's discussion of the Old Poor Law for instance is excellent...this is a good and most useful piece of work.' - Bentley B. Gilbert, Victorian Studies'Dr Fraser's excellent discussion on social policy since the Industrial not merely a history of social policy but a discussion of the interaction of ideas and action in the field of welfare.' - Linda Dove, The Teacher This book has become the standard text on the course of social policy and social ideas in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. To the first edition Professor Fraser has added a new foreword which sets out the variety of approaches which now exist to the history of social policy. Each chapter has been up-dated and revised in the light of recent research and five further documents have been added to the appendix. In a new postscript Professor Fraser discusses the welfare state in the period since 1973 and suggests what its future may be in the 1980s. The bibliography has been completely revised and contains a full survey of articles, so providing a fully up-to-date second edition which offers new insights and material in the light of current research. A third edition, which will bring this classic text up to the 1990s will be published in 1996.