Eighteenth Century Europe 1700-1789

Black, Jeremy
Date published: 
March 1990

'His book will certainly become a standard introduction to the period...The range of topics is exhaustive, too, adding chapters on culture and the arts, and science and medicine, to the normal fare of economy, society, intellectual life and the activity of States.' - William Doyle, Times Literary Supplement'...a wide-ranging portrait of eighteenth-century Europe, it has a great deal to recommend it.' - Joseph Bergin, History Today'Jeremy Black...has produced a work as remarkable for its vivid concreteness as for its puncturing of a series of tired preconceptions.' - Jonathan Clarke, Spectator'Jeremy Black has drawn on an astonishing variety of sources, many of them unpublished, to produce a many-sided study of the 18th century, which approaches a total history. Students and teachers alike will be stimulated by Dr Black's learned and clear exposition.' - Professor Paul Dukes, University of Aberdeen'...a useful guide to one of the great ages of diplomacy.' - Joseph Bergin, History Today'...[this] book will certainly become a standard introduction to the period.' - William Doyle, History