An International History of the Vietnam War

Volume I: Revolution versus Containment, 1955-61
Smith, R.B.
Date published: 
January 1987

Most previous books on the Vietnam War have seen it primarily as an American military involvement in the affairs of a small Asian country halfway across the world. The present study, planned to run to four volumes, seeks to reassess the significance of the conflict by looking at Vietnam as one element in a global power game. It is also the first serious attempt to analyse the decision-making of both sides simultaneously, relating United States policy to the strategy and tactics of the Communist side - and to the complicated relations that existed between Hanoi, Moscow and Peking. 'It has always been hard not to be emotional about the subject, in one direction or another. Mr Smith must be praised for having produced a book which does not indulge the emotion he undoubtedly feels. His international history of the Vietnam war is calm, concise, excellent and invaluable' - William Shawcross, THE S