Churchill and Roosevelt at War

The War They Fought and the Peace They Hoped to Make
Sainsbury, Keith
Date published: 
January 1995

`An enjoyable book.' - R.A.C. Parker, International Affairs 'a thoughtful and thought-provoking reexamination that sheds new insight on this unique relationship.' - E.P. Muller, Choice 'an absorbing story.' - Foreign Affairs 'a detailed insight into the special relationship between the figureheads of two major allies...looks at why what began as a cordial friendship ended as a rather sour association between two tired and ailing leaders.' - History Today The wartime relationship between Churchill and Roosevelt was a partnership between two men totally different in personality, who clashed on important issues of allied strategy as well as most crucial issues of European and world policy. For this reason, allied strategy lurched from a largely British-sponsored master plan, in the early days of the alliance, to an American-sponsored strategic plan later in the war. For this reason also, Britain and the United States were frequently at odds over policy towards Russia, France and China, and never really achieved a coordinated policy in these vital matters. This book traces the course of the partnership and the reasons why it began as a cordial friendship and ended as a rather sour association between two tired and ailing leaders.