Feminist Political Theory

An Introduction
Bryson, Valerie
Date published: 
January 1992

'Bryson's attempt to present a comprehensive picture of arguments, topics and writers is admirably carried out, and the sheer breadth of her scope is impressive...Overall...this is a very valuable contribution to the field.' - Diemut Bubeck, Political Studies '...an admirably clear and comprehensive introduction...which, though aimed primarily at undergraduates, will also be of value to A level students and teaches a comprehensive yet concise analysis which is lucid and measured in tone...It provides a timely reminder of the richness and variety of feminist debate since the 1960s, and reflects the current post-modernist tendency to celebrate the diversity of feminist thinking, rather than to try and elevate one approach above all the others.' - Jill Longmate, Talking Politics The most comprehensive introduction to feminist theory - in terms of its historical scope, international coverage and wide-ranging analysis of contemporary ideas - Feminist Political Theory offers lucid accounts of complex theories, and a balanced approach to contentious issues. Different strands of thought in Europe, Russia and America are traced, introducing earlier issues, personalities and ideas and linking these to contemporary debates. Based on a sound understanding of political theory, this will be a valuable introduction for students of gender issues and politics.