Italian Fascism 1919-1945

Morgan, Philip
Date published: 
March 1995

'[an] impressive synthesis. Tightly written, it packs an enormous amount of information into 200-odd pages. His account of the links between domestic and foreign policy in Italian fascism is exemplary' - Paul Preston, THES This book charts the evolution of Italian Fascism from its inconspicuous beginnings as an anti-party movement in 1919 to its equally inauspicious ending as a Nazi German satellite in 1945. It shows how and why Fascism came to power in 1922 as a mass movement of middle class reaction against socialism and parliamentary liberal policies in a period of serious postwar political and social crisis, and how the attempt to implant a totalitarian new order culminated in a Fascist war which exposed the pretensions and inadequacies of 'fascistization' and dissolved the Fascist consensus.