Race, Reform and Rebellion, 2nd edition

The Second Reconstruction in Black America, 1945-1990
Marable, Manning
Date published: 
January 1991

Aimed at students of contemporary American politics and society, this study traces the divergent elements for political, social and moral reform in non-white America during the period 1945-1990, and analyses the vision of multi-racial democracy and social transformation. This period was marked by the emergence of a powerful black working class against the decline of the Southern black peasantry; by the successful effort to abolish legal segregation; by the outbreak of Black Power, urban rebellion and the renaissance of black nationalism; by the increased participation of black and other ethnic groups in the electoral and government systems; and by the white political backlash against racial equality. This new and fully revised edition brings the book up to the 1990's, with up-to-date notes and bibliography.