What were the Crusades?

2nd edition
Riley-Smith, Jonathan
Date published: 
January 1992

Reviews of previous edition:'Brief, lucid and attractively written...a splendid combination of scholarship and intellectual firworks.' - History'...has proved its worth as both a discussion of the nature of the crusades for established scholars and as a students' introduction.' - Ecclesiastical History Few attempts had been made to define 'the crusade' before the first edition of this book was published in 1977. Since then a number of historians have built on Professor Riley-Smith's conclusions. Their research has been incorporated into this second edition, which remains a starting point for any study of the crusading movement. The book deals with the legitimising authority of the papacy, the nature of the crusade vow and of the privilege accorded to crusaders, the developments of the indulgence, and the role of Military Orders.