Ever Closer Union?

An Introduction to the European Community
Dinan, Desmond
Date published: 
January 1994

'At last, a readable book on the European Community!' - Patricia Hogwood, Political Studies '...a helpful introduction to the workings of the Community.' - Duncan Watts, Times Educational Supplement '[S]cholarly and extensively researched...[t]his text can be highly recommended...[I]t is comprehensive - covering the history of the EC, as well as its institutions and policies - and it is well written...in a readable and accessible style.' - Jill Longmate, Talking Politics Ever Closer Union? provides a uniquely comprehensive and genuinely interdisciplinary introduction to the origins and history of the European Community, the institutions and key policies of the European Union, and the main challenges they face today. Written in an exceptionally clear and lively style and benefiting both from the author's intimate knowledge of his subject and the perspective afforded by his transatlantic vantage point, this comprehensive textbook provides the ideal starting point for all students of European Integration.