Theodore Roosevelt and the British Empire

A Study in Presidential Statecraft
Tilchin, William N.
Date published: 
October 1997

Theodore Roosevelt and the British Empire looks closely at Roosevelt's views of and responses to British actions during the many important diplomatic episodes in which the United States and England were involved, including the Anglo-German attack on Venezuela, the Alaskan boundary dispute, the Russo-Japanese War, the Moroccan crisis, and the Newfoundland fisheries trouble. Drawing on American and British archival sources, the author accords particularly careful attention to the fascinating and previously untold story of the Jamaica incident (or 'Swettenham incident') of January 1907 and its revealing diplomatic aftermath. He also investigates how Roosevelt's perspectives on the Anglo-American rapprochement evolved as his presidency unfolded, arguing in conclusion that Roosevelt's handling of the American side of Anglo-American relations, guided by sound principles, was highly successful.