The Early Feminists

Radical Unitarians and the Emergence of the Women's Rights Movement, 1831-51
Gleadle, Kathryn
Date published: 
June 1998

'...One of the major strengths of this work lies in its scholarship, and the painstaking research with which Gleadle recreates the intellectual and literary networks which linked the better-known within this those obscurer participants.' - Jane Rendall, Senior Lecturer, University of York'Lively and innovative.' - Dorothy Thompson, Times Higher Education Supplement'This is an important book. Anyone interested in feminist history should read this book.' - Dr Ruth Watts, University of Birmingham, Educational Review'This study makes a real contribution to our understanding of the women's movement in the early nineteenth century.' - Professor Olive Banks This book redefines the origins of the women's rights campaigns in Britain. Contrary to the existing historiography, which argues that the Victorian Feminist movement began in the 1850s, this book, by bringing to light a wealth of unused sources, demonstrates that a vibrant community existed during the 1830s and 1840s. Previously neglected, this remarkable group of writers and reformers established both the ideologies and personnel network which provided the foundations of the women's rights campaigns of the coming decades.